Marvel’s Black Panther Prelude #2 Review

Writer: Will Corona Pilgrim / Artist: Annapaola Martello / Marvel Comics

Wondering what Wakanda and T’Challa were up to before joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Black Panther Prelude #2 answers that. We learn about what was happening in the most advanced country in the world, Wakanda, as the MCU began to unfold.

Our second issue picks up right where we left off with T’Challa and Okoye in Paraguay going full Raid Redemption on these South African and Nigerian terrorists. Black Panther is toe-to-toe with one of the few weapons his advanced technology cant protect him against. Meanwhile, Okoye is busy with her own set of problems. It’s get down or lay down time and you know the Dora Milaje and legendary Black Panther is about that life.

No wild twists or dope unexpected turns in issue #2 so maybe they didn’t read my review of prelude #1; this story is too overly simplistic, but it does a good job of explaining the values of Wakanda to the average fan. You might get a cookie cutter hero arc but you’ll understand how much stock the King places on the lives of his people and training of his people’s protector.

I truly have no idea what Martello is doing with this Black Panther artwork. It’s childishly bad at points and moderately acceptable at best. If this was meant to get people excited about the upcoming movie in February, they misjudged everything, fam. Luckily, everyone and their mom knows Black Panther will be that Wakandan wildfire, so they’ll make boatloads of Benjis either way.

3.5 Dora Milaje Pound of Flesh out of 10

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