Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25 Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed / Artist: Carmen Carnero / Marvel Comics

Ah shit, here we go again. The Clone Saga is a story that Marvel just won’t give up on. By my count, this is the fourth iteration of the infamous storyline. This time Miles takes center stage as the victim of cloning. While I’m apprehensive given Marvel’s track record with past clone-related stories, I’m willing to give this arc a chance on the strength of the Accessor storyline from Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8.

If you’ve been reading Miles Morales: Spider-Man pretty consistently, you’ll know about Miles’ time with the Accessor. An event that saw Miles’ tortured and experimented on, leaving him visibly shaken and traumatized. We learned that the Accessor had been working for Ultimatum and developed a clone of Miles that seemingly died during the final battle. Now it seems the Accessor has been busy, as an imposter of Miles is running around Brooklyn causing havoc as Spider-Man. You know the old motto – be clone, do crimes.

Aggression for me and my clones

You can already tell that this arc is going to be a rough one for Miles. Writer Saladin Ahmed has slowly been developing Miles throughout his run. It’s jarring to see Miles so aggressive and angry over the past couple of issues, even to friends like Ms. Marvel. However, the character shift doesn’t just come from nowhere. Miles has recently gone through a gauntlet of his own and you can tell that past events have taken their toll on the young hero. Who wouldn’t be lashing out after having faced a bit of torture, evil doppelgängers, and the death of his uncle (again)?

One gripe I do have with the clones that show up this issue is that they all look too similar to Miles. In the older stories, especially the Ultimate Clone Saga, the clones all had their own unique look and design. The upside is that Miles’ clones come with a variety of different powers that make them a challenge. The allure of this arc is definitely the mystery surrounding the clones. The addition of Peter Parker to the story, who is finally taking a proactive role in Miles’ drama, is a good start. As is the potential return of the Accessor. The success of this story is entirely dependent on how good the mystery is and hopefully, things will take an interesting turn.

8.5 Glurps out of 10

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