Moon Knight #11 Review

Writer: Brian Wood / Artist: Greg Smallwood / Publisher: Marvel

Mac Spector can not catch a freaking break. Not only did he get his super hero chain ran when his doctor replaced him as the new Moon Knight avatar for the Egyptian god Khonshu but now he done got locked up in some facility here his credit is frozen, no one knows where he is, and there is no escape. He’s where no one will look for him and no clue where that even is. Brian Wood is putting Marc through the fucking ringer this issue. To make matters worse he got Khonshu talking shit to him while he is locked up in god knows where with people trying to break his spirit into being “compliant”.


Greg Smallwood depicts Khonshu as an eerie to brass exec that’s disappointed in his employee Marc Spector. They argue over the right way to go about justice through out the issue, Khonshu mocks Spector’s approach to figuring out his surroundings as well as getting a read on his captors. Yo, Khonshu is straight up fed up with Spector not being all he can fucking be. Spector knows the new Moon Knight is playing Khonshu but the god ain’t hearing it at all. This issue read like I was watching an episode of prison break. Spector still got all his merc skills and knowledge to help him out this issue. This shit might not be a cake walk but we see the original Moon Knight OG showcase why he the best to originally do it.

Brian Wood continues a fire run on this series. He’s making Moon Knight the sleeper hit you should be reading. Again, this formula of taking a lesser known hero and displaying their capabilities on a greater scale works so well. There is so much room the author has to show Marc Spector in his prime and when he hits rock bottom. I can’t stress how dope game this book is. No dull moments folks.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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