Ms. Marvel #14 Review

Writer: G. Willow Wilson; Artist: Jake Parker (cover), Takeshi Miyazawa / Marvel Comics

So, this review was a little hard to write. As you regular readers well know, Black Nerd Problems has basically adopted Kamala Khan as our little sister. To quote staff writer (and resident Kickstarter researcher) Carrie McClain, “we all just want what’s best for her.” So, a year later, after dealing with giant alligators, super team ups, mad scientist parrots and disapproving parents, Kamala has to face one of her most perilous moments as a teenage heroine: boys.

When we left Kamala, she’d just gone a little overboard giving a low level baddie the embiggened fists. Just when she was feeling a little guilty, she discovers that her old family friend, Kamran is a fellow Inhuman. A lot of the book is dedicated to Kamala figuring out how she feels about her new friend. We come to understand a little more about why Kamala’s perpetually disapproving parents are so hard on her and, in the process, discover some of the complexities of being immigrants raising a child in America. Meanwhile, G. Willow Wilson does the Lord’s Work in character building for her Kamala is an embiggened breath of fresh air, the Peter Parker of her generation, desperate for some semblance of a normal life but never so much that she doesn’t establish clear boundaries for herself. And Takeshi Miyazawa is an amazing addition to the creative team with his clean, perfectly emotive facial design. His style weaves in and out of conventional and wacky with Daredevil level agility, making for really fun panel even during the quiet moments of exposition.

Bottom Line: Another truly stand out addition to one of the best comics on the market right now. 9.5 out of 10.


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