Ms. Marvel #15 Review

writer: G. Willow Wilson / artist: Takeshi Miyazawa / Marvel Comics

G. Willow Wilson (I wanna call her G-Dubs so badly tho) delivers with heavy artillery this issue. After we saw the tables turned with Kamran in the last issue (he was too good to be true), this issue deals with the aftermath. We’re seeing Lineage trying to persuade Kamala over to his side. We don’t get any true insight as to what his cause is or what he wants to do, as Willow is leaving a lot to be interpreted about our new villain to arrive in Ms. Marvel’s roster of fuckboys. We’re saying hello to a whole new level of bad guys different from The Inventor.


The plot was fast paced this issue and Miyazawa’s art encompassed all of that. The way that Kamala moves this issue is truly reminiscent of Dhalsim’s attacks in Street Fighter II , which I am convinced was on purpose. Miyazawa is able to keep the danger really close to home as well as displaying how innocent and cute Kamala can be, but once push comes to shove she turns Kenshin Himurai Battosai-serious, which reflects heavy in the art and face detail (hair over her face and eyes burning a hole through her opponent). I was truly a fan of how Bruno was depicted this issue as well. We don’t get to see him in action much at all, so to see him diving into the fray while seeing the precaution measures he set in place was perfect.


This might be my favorite issue of Ms. Marvel (which is hard when each issue is incredible) due to the self-blame that Kamala overcomes. G. Willow Wilson (G-Dubs) does an incredible job of making the reader see themselves in Kamala. She starts wondering if her actions caused her to be a victim and if the fault lies on her, and her realization of the situation and ability to stand up for herself is truly incredible to see on the page. This is one more issue that makes you say “Fuck yes, Kamala.” She continues to learn, fail, make mistakes, and improve tremendously, which is no doubt why she is such a favorite and such a great character to watch grow. This issue is a major milestone in character development and with G-dubs at the helm it most certainly won’t be the last of its kind.


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