Nightwing #70 Review

Writer: Dan Jurgens / Artist: Ryan Benjamin / DC Comics

DC, why you gotta fuck with me like this? The same week Batman Giant #4 came out and made me fall in love with Nightwing, you gave me Nightwing #70. Now, I’m new to the Nightwing bandwagon. I’ve always liked him, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized that I underestimated the respect he deserves. After he gets shot in the head and he’s completely subverted, I had no interest. This issue is in the middle of resolving that nonsense. He’s battling his dueling memories hoping to come out as the real Dick Grayson.

I think there is potential there for a psychologically interesting story. Enter the Joker. He is not having this team of heroes using the Nightwing aesthetic. Guys, I’m done with the Joker. He’s kind of like candy. A little bit here and there is wonderful but when pints of it gets shoved down your throat it isn’t fun. How many villains does Batman have? All of them. Ok. Sorry. Breathe.

“From the Darkness” is a Nightwing tie-in to the “Joker War”. The team of Nightwing-inspired heroes is reeling after a Talon from the Court of Owls severely injured one of them. Nightwing finds respite in Bea, someone who he’s connected with after his memory loss. Meanwhile, the Joker is looking for Grayson and going through whomever he needs to find him.

Now, even adjusting for my Joker exhaustion and low tolerance for memory-wiped Nightwing, this comic was ‘meh’. It’s a decent, ominous story with Joker lurking around. The art is ok at times and just not good at others. It has a John Romita Jr feel that I’m not impressed with. I’m appreciative enough that quarantine limits the number of comics that I can review, so ones that wouldn’t normally get my attention do. Unfortunately, there’s a chance you run into comics like this that make you wish for more.

5 “Headaches” out of 10

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