Odyssey of the Amazons #5 Review

Writer: Kevin Grevioux / Artist: Ryan Benjamin /DC Comics

It’s jailbreak season up in Odyssey of the Amazons this week. Our captured Amazons and Valkyrie finally get the opportunity to escape but not without someone paying that price for freedom. One thing you gotta take notice with this series is these warriors be getting murked without warning. Its telling of just how big the stakes are for everyone on this adventure.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.09.46 AM

Surtr makes an appearance as Groa comes through his dimension to initiate a truce then says fuck all that noise and runs up on Sutr attempting to get his all-powerful Black sword. We’re getting a lot more bedlam this issue in the fighting as our Amazons hosted in Valhalla experience the power of Valkyries as a level up.

Benjamin’s art captures all the action in a very Saving Private Ryan style of art that serves this issue well. The depiction of Surtr was all menacing and encompassed a look of Norse lore as well as Sam Jackson Bad Mf’er. We’re now at the final boss battle for this series as a shitload of new challengers approaches. We’re about to see the Jotun Amazon hybrids in action.

7.9 Non-compliant spears to the face out of 10

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