Runaways #16 Review

Writer: Rainbow Rowell / Artist: Kris Anka / Marvel

Runaways is great for many reasons, but the one I always come back to is family. The Runaways team has this undying feeling of genuine love and appreciation for each other, despite their frequently crappy circumstances. They didn’t choose this life. It was kind of thrown at their feet after, ya know, the whole sacrificial children thing their nutty parents were involved in. Issue #16 reminds us that these boys and girls have, and always will be a bunch kids enjoying the little things in life. Even if they’re being held captive, they like having a proper Christmas tree to string up for the holiday season!

This creative team of Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka, maaaan. Such a problem! These two were really out here tugging on mufuckas heartstrings this week. Anka’s attention to Christmas dinner detail is impressively heart warming. Rowell’s characters have internal battles raging and they are on full display once the Christmas spirit takes over. Of course, those positive intentions and respect for family new and old are completely ruined by a certain Benedict Arnold and his quest for dominance, but we not gonna get into that though.

What we are going to get into, is Gert da Cynical Gawd and her side quest. Come to think about it, Gert is the only member of the team that has consistently gotten various character arcs that deepen her history and advance her journey. Everyone has received their issue or 2 but she’s the one who Rowell keeps coming back to, for good reason. Gert is a complicated person. She doesn’t conform to societies expectations and even after she got the whole jaw dropping makeover that some would consider pretty damn basic of her, she goes and gets bae’d up with the sexiest robot since Ex Machina! Gert’s torn mentality is on full display when she reveals all the power she has at her fingertips, but is so unsure of what to do with it. I have a feeling her time weighing those options is coming to an end.

This was a well-paced Christmas issue of fun that spread lots of holiday cheer and romance. That’s right, I said romance! If a girl can come back from the dead and still find love in an Ultron manufactured robot head named Victor, anybody can! Anka and Matt Wilson helped Rainbow fill this issue of Runaways with the right amount heart and comedy. The expressions on Molly’s face when the hideout was transformed into a Winter wonderland was adorable. I really found myself laughing out loud all throughout this one and it was rewarding. Unexpected hilarity is something I live for and Rowell seems to let the funny flow through her pen with ease. After last issue’s history rewriting romp around LA, this one was another good entry for Runaways. Make sure you check this one out so you can see which lovely guest crashed Christmas dinner!

8 Green Bean Casserole Dishes out of 10

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