Saga #22 Review

Writer ~ Brian K. Vaughan

Artist~ Fiona Staples

(But how cool is this cover art though? Gran Gran looks like she’s a intergalactic mob boss. And Izzy & the Blubber are her trustworthy and totally competent underlings)





YEAH….Saga’s back. It’s that time again. And something within the force was telling me to go pour myself a glass of wine and

pick up a box of tissue before I started reading….why do I do this to myself? Why subject myself to such emotional hijacking?

Brian and Fiona have me and so many of you right where they want us.


             Hold up. I’m still processing my feels.


     And I need you not to judge me on that or the chosen gifs I’ve just used for this review. Ok. I’m good. Let’s do this:

So we’re treated to the home life of our family of undercover outlaws: Gran Gran is babysitting Toddler Hazel with Izzy while waiting for Marko and Alana to come home. Alana is of course, getting her working girl-soap-opera gig on into the late hours and Marko went to the corner store for some TP, icecream and baby wipes–you know, supplies. Hazel, the narrator of this story reminds us that adults are complicated. Adults tend to let things build up and fester. “Kids, not adults “have an easier time with words”

Mama Alana is breezing through work, high as a kite. She still manages to breeze through work. But her work ethnic, you know?  Do Better Alana. DO BETTER. She manages to quote a line or two from a book that Master Heist (R.I.P. to our fave Cyclops novelist and almost Marko’s step daddy) that seems harmless but makes someone from her past who is watching cock an eyebrow in trying to place it. Wheels are turning in someone’s head and that can’t be good.  We’ll come back to that later–I know we will.

Prince Robot pulls a prodigal son routine and finally makes it home, albeit  too late. He can only look upon the closed coffin of his slain wife, the princess. Sadly, there wasn’t a happy ending here for her. The Prince can only wonder where his infant son is. Understandably he’s caught up with many emotions right now.


He is granted a  meeting with his father and it sends him reeling to the floor. Literally.  He’s come home to so many losses. When he promises the king that he’ll do right by his family and go after who’s responsible  his father admonishes him so severely, I had to take a double take.

( Yo, but can we talk about how impressive the king’ stature is?! ….Like I’d be the most popular person in my family if I had a television screen that big.  That screen is so big, I’m pretty sure I could give up praying and just video chat with God. That screen so big, I’m pretty sure I could see into the future.)

More importantly….

Daddy’s home. And so is Mama. Alana just got home off that  night shift and she’s feeling good.  Real good. Until…

The unavoidable happens, as Hazel told us first issue in which Saga started back up….

(Black) Jesus. I wasn’t ready.

Just let me live in ignorance and bliss for a few moments longer.


Cue the sound of glass breaking and puppies crying and all my dreams dashed on the floor.

No. No. No. No. I can’t .

But didn’t Hazel tell us “…And this is the story of how my parents split up?”

Yo. that hit me harder than this gif below.


And so it begins. Actually it had been unraveling for some time, little by little. But now  it’s finally happening.

So at the end of this issue we are left with a few things to ponder:

 Just where does Marko spend the night?  

If Alana and Marko split up, you gets custody of Izzy?

If Heist is dead, who is getting the royalties from his books?

Has Gwendolyn enrolled Sophia into school somewhere yet?  

1.) At what point does Prince Robot’s path cross with  Team Hazel?

2.)  What’s to become of the darling baby robot child and what’s the agenda of his kidnapper?

3.)  When does The Will re-enter the story and become a much larger part of Hazel’s ?

What? Too soon? Oh? Did you forget about him? Opps. My bad.  Forget I said anything.

4.) It wouldn’t be Saga if no one was going their head blown off, right?

This  issue of Saga brings us the start of the heartbreak. I’m ready for another glass of wine. We’re also presented

with further developments that will bring our family on the run back full circle with familiar faces. I’m so curious

about the parallels of the children, both Hazel and the royal robot prince. At this point of time they’re both on the

same planet and my mind is just spinning with what happens next. I can’t even end this review properly. I’m going to

finish what’s left of this bottle and cry over an relationship ending that’s not even mine. Later folks.


  • Carrie McClain is writer, editor and media scholar. Other times she's known as a Starfleet Communications Officer, Comics Auntie, and Golden Saucer Frequenter. Nowadays you can usually find her avoiding Truck-kun and forgetting her magical girl transformation device. She/Her

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