Genius #4 Review

writers: Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman / artist: Afua Richardson

It took till the fourth issue, but I’ve finally come around to really liking this book. I still have some issues with how the series began, but by virtue of plot movement and a changing narrative, the writers look like they fell into a comfort zone that translates this story better. Namely, taking Destiny out of her perch and making her think on her feet. Where this issue excels is watching Destiny adapt to unforseen circumstances. What’s important is that they still do a good job of showing how intelligent she is to think on the fly and adapt, but it is much more compelling than having her already played the chess game before her opponent even sits down at the table. We actually got some vulnerability from Destiny too, which I think was the biggest issue I couldn’t connect in the first three issues. She experiences a loss she wasn’t calculating and has to deal with her leadership having a flaw or two that may led to some unplanned consequences.

The second half of the book, when Destiny infiltrates the police station had it’s highs and lows for me, though still strong overall. I loved her uncertainty turned to assertiveness when challenged by most of the cops. Her interaction with the detective was a highlight, though the wink-wink monologue to explain her cause was a bit overcooked. Still, it opens up the “Kaiser Soze” moment and leads to Destiny’s escape. Overall, pretty well done.

And what can I say about Richardson that I haven’t already. I loved the art of the previous issues, but it seems like this one (well last two) issues, she stepped it up even more. The same tone has been maintained, but the lines seem cleaner and more defined. It works well with this sort of maturation of Destiny compared to the other books.

For the first time, I feel like the writing and art are on par with each other and Genius leveled up as it runs towards the finale.


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