As we discussed on the Ep 3 of Vibranium Stacks here is my Casting for Saga.

[col type=”1_4″ class=””]”Marko” played by
[/col][col type=”1_4″ class=””]Sendhil Ramamurthy


[col type=”1_4″ class=””]”The Will” played by:
[/col][col type=”1_4″ class=””]Anthony Starr


[col type=”1_4″ class=””]”Gwnedolyn” played by:
[/col][col type=”1_4″ class=””]Rutina Wesley

And Last But Not Least

[col type=”1_4″ class=””]”Alana” played by: [/col][col type=”1_4″ class=””]Rosario Dawson


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  • Kiaira Riggins

    Good choice but I would go with other people for Fiona and marko.

  • SL

    Cool casting choices, but I just wanted to point out that Hazel’s mother/the main female lead’s name is Alana, not Fiona.

  • Jon Grose

    Please do not pick Rosario Dawson. I agree that she has the right personality, but not the right look. Also, she is cast in everything where the main female protagonist is ambiguously ethnic. Let’s get someone unknown for the actors.

  • Aki

    Santiago Cabrera (ala Heroes styling) for Marko, Teyonna Parris for Gwendolyn, Haaz Sleiman for The Will and maybe Zoe Kravitz as Alana? Alana is hard to choose.

  • Zach Dean

    I can dig this casting. I think Rosario Dawson is a homerun as Fiona, but I’m not totally on board with your choices for Marko, and Gwendolyn. For your, and others, consideration:

    Marko could be played by Adam Driver:

    Gwendolyn could be played by Lupita Nyong’o:

    I went for the look of the character, and that may be to my detriment as far as acting goes, more so with Adam, but I think they could pull it off. What factors did you consider when you chose your potential actors?

  • Will Lopez

    I’m going to say that is your autocorrect spelling out “Fiona” instead of “Alanan”.

    Anyway, I’d be up for Thandie Newton as Alana. That’s is completely biased though since I’m completely in love with her.

    I see Rutina being pretty awesome for Gwendolyn. I’m not feeling the rest of the choices though.

  • Will Lopez



  • C.M.D.

    I don’t mean to sound rude, but your casting for both Alana and Gwendolyn seems like lightwashing to me, ESPECIALLY with Gwendolyn. Maybe these are just bad pictures, but the actors and characters there are so different in skin tone that they’re different color pallets? And like I normally wouldn’t mind, like with how Marvel did Nick Fury as an African American instead of an old white guy, but I feel like there are a LOT of talented people who actually fit the skin tones and have the acting chops to play them better and truer to the comic.

    • Vex Godglove

      The movie Nick Fury is based on the one form Marvel’s “Ulitmate” universe whose look was inspired directly by Samuel Jackson, thus making the casting decision perfect.

  • Danielle

    What about Sydney Tamiia Poitier as Alana?

  • Robyn

    Dilshad Vadsaria as Alana and Daniel Henney as Marko

  • Secretary Not Sure

    Aisha Tyler was my only thought for Alana. She’s got the looks and the badassery

    • Vex Godglove

      My only problem with Aisha Tyler is her age. I picture Alana and Marko in their early 20s, Ms. Tyler is in her 40s.

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