Sanity & Tallulah: Plucky Teen Girl Space Detectives #2 Review

Writer: Molly Brooks / Artist: Molly Brooks / Comixology

Earlier this year I stumbled upon this adorable comic by Molly Brooks that I absolutely loved so much I bought several copies as gifts (99 cents, where can you go wrong?). Set out in space, this comic features a dream team of two girls: Sanity the afro puff rocking, no-nonsense one and Tallulah, the ever innovative and happy go lucky one. In the first issue the girls end up on a sort of search and rescue mission. This issue, Tallulah reveals that she’s been stuck in a time loop and she’s nowhere closer to getting out of it.


Issue #2 brings back our favorite dream team in a new adventure that’s heavy on the science and heavy on trial and error to bring about a solution that will finally end this time loop. The fun in this issue is watching these two interact as they work together to fix things. Sanity is clearly out of her loop because she’s used to having all the answers. She’s used to prep work and planning ahead. Tallulah comes about and blows all that out the window–she’s had the same conversation each day with her for months?

The fun of this issue is not only finding out how these two finally find a solution, but also reading about all the hijinks that Tallulah gets into beforehand. Also: Finding out WHO or WHAT is also caught in the time loop with Tallulah was a great twist to tie into the story.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  Another fun and clever issue for the 9+ reader that’s a win.

9 Time Sparkles out of 10

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