Sanity & Tallulah: Plucky Teen Girl Space Detectives #1 Review

Molly Brooks~ writer~artist /Comixology

I came across this adorable comic when I jumped on Comixology last night to buy and read the newest issue of Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman #38, SIGH). I was drawn in by the title, the cover and three page preview you can view on the site.

Teen girls in comics? [icon_check]

One of them is brownskinned and also rocking afro puffs?[icon_check]

Female creator, writer and artist? [icon_check]

Set in outer space with space ships and asteroid belts and lost things needing to be found? [icon_check]

Girls piloting space crafts, because of course, girls can do anything![icon_check]

Did I mention that it’s a dollar?[icon_check]


So far so good and I hadn’t even bought it yet!

But I did purchase it, read it a few times and I wasn’t disappointed.  We are introduced to one Sanity (yes, that’s her name) and one Tallulah who are teen but I’d say tween to be precise girls who are dropping off packages towards points to their learning permits at a docking station.

 We quickly establish that Tallulah who is the short haired and bare foot girl is also the free spirited one who has an mischievous air about her. I was instantly reminded of  my fave: Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, better known as “Ed” from the legendary Cowboy Bebop anime and I have to wonder if she was an inspiration in any way?

Sanity is the much more grounded member of the duo who follows safety procedures to a “T” and doesn’t necessarily like to stray from the designated objectives; she also has the cutest hair–heads up more afro puffs on girls and women in 2015, I’m calling it now. Amarosa the Bae , here’s another member to your team!

Brooks easily places loveable characters into unfamiliar settings than our own and makes it work. Here’s a question: have you read Post (it was her thesis project in school by the way) by her as well? YOU SHOULD. Same formula and it’s effective.

The pacing is fine, you easily get some plucky, fun scenes like the one below where you remember this is an comic that 9 year olds can read (it’s age appropriate but don’t let that fool you into thinking adults can’t or won’t enjoy this comic) and then some more serious, but not too dark scenes later.




The art is clean and and the color scheme really works given the space setting and I just love it. The pacing of the action later in the issue works. The back story behind what the girls find left behind works. The emotional send off  in this issue works.  The scenes were I was biting my nails and ready to cry—that works too.


Honestly, I could have been sold on this panel alone. And note the well placed ” <3″



I’m head over heels in love for Sanity and Tallulah and you will be too after reading. This  is a comic you should be reading and at a dollar I feel it’s a real treat. Go buy it now and jump in the driver’s seat with these two (and remember to put on your seat belt or else Sanity will be sure to remind you before they do any more evasive maneuvers.)

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