Scales & Scoundrels #8 Review

Scales & Scoundrels is the gift that keeps on giving
Scanes & Scoundrels #8

Writer: Sebastien Girner / Artist: Galaad / Image Comics

Luvander is out in the world again, doing what she does best: looking for the next big thing to do. Lu is walking with a new swag after learning more about who she is as an Urden. Leaving her attachments to her human and dwarven friends, striking out into the richness of the world.

Last time on Scales & Scoundrels, Luvander turned into a fucking dragon and threw hands with another fucking dragon. Then Lu parted ways with Koro, Aki, and Dorma to do some soul searching, get in touch with her inner dragon, and whatever general skullduggery she gets down with.

Scales & Scoundrels #8

Scales & Scoundrels #8 finds Luvander crossing paths with the ‘storm of nations’, the many splintered human factions out in the world waging war because: humans. In avoiding the armies, Lu stumbles across a band of mercenaries who turn out to be elves and know exactly what Luvander is. Plus we get the inside scoop on yet another dope ass myth tied to this world!

Having left her mortal homies behind her, Scales & Scoundrels #8 delved deeper into what makes Lu tick. Outside of just being one very lovable and badass rogue, Girner gives his protagonist layers by juxtaposing Luvander’s morals against those of other cultures. The elves are the closest to understanding Lu’s true nature as an Urden, close – but no cigar.

Scales & Scoundrels #8

Scales & Scoundrels #8

Something that never fails to draw me to every issue is waiting for a ‘dragon moment’ to drop. From issue one to now, there’s always a little something. These moments are always jarring for the reader because Galaad’s art on Scales & Scoundrels is soft with warm tones and rounded edges. Until the dragon shit goes down. Then there are a frightening few panels that you rescan a few times to make sure you actually see the switch from cute to ‘kill you’ (see above) and back again. Another huge draw (for me) is the fact we’ve never been shown a map of this world – who knows how expansive or tiny it might be? There’s a certain mystery about this world that gives it virtually unlimited potential for story development and I’m loving it.

8 Swords Made of Grass out of 10

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