Sinestro #4 Review

Writer: Cullen Bunn / artist: Rags Morales

Its seems the fourth time was the charm for Bunn’s Sinestro as this was the best issue of the new book so far. Their battle against the Inquisition has been the most interesting part of this book so far and hopefully, we’ve only gotten a taste of what their capable of. For the first time in a while, Sinestro has actually been challenged, in battle and emotionally (which was a surprise) as opposed to Sinestro just coldly annihilating whoever stands in front of him. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of Sinestro coldly annihilating people and this really wouldn’t be a book worthy of the fear-slinging gawd if that wasn’t present. With a good mix of action and revelation into the shephards of the Inquistion, it sets up a much more interesting plot than then the rescues of the surviving Korgugans (though that will definitely still be a part of it).

The one plot thread that could go either way is Sinestro’s relationship with his daughter Soranik. The dynamic and situation of her traveling with the Sinestro Corps could be interesting, but I think at some point we’ll need to see more fleshing out of her character. Currently, she feels like the typical TV spouse of a morally compromised protagonists that exist only to be a moral counterpoint. I definitely like her presence, but she definitely needs more to do.

This was the best issue of Sinestro so far and in what is already standard for this book, a huge, plot-pivoting revelation hits the last page. Without spoiling it, I welcome the turn, but I wonder if it might derail the momentum that this this issue worked hard to create.


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