Star Wars: The High Republic #6 Review

Star Wars: The High Republic #6

Writer: Cavan Scott / Artist: Georges Jeanty / Marvel Comics

Star Wars antagonists usually amount to one of three things: sith lords, authoritative establishments, or crime bosses. With every issue of Marvel’s The High Republic, it’s refreshing to see something as unique as an intergalactic, body snatching, plant monster be the center of conflict against the Jedi and the universe. 

The Drengir (our galaxy threatening plant monster) has been wreaking havoc from planet to planet. Through some creative use of the force, Keeve Trennis managed to use the Jedi mind trick on her infected master Jedi Sskeer to push the Dregnir away. Unfortunately, that was a costly and temporary measure as master Sskeer is left comatose, and the Drengir has come back in full force.

Star Wars: The High Republic #6 is both an action-packed and an emotional issue. The Dregnir proves to be a tough enemy to fight. Even with the unlikely alliance of the Hutt clan and the Jedi Order, it’s hard to fight a plant monster that can mind control anyone it infects and regenerates faster than it can get hurt. What’s fascinating about the ongoing battle in this issue is the alliance between the Jedi and the Hutts. 

Star Wars: The High Republic #6

Against an overwhelming force and through all the chaos, readers really get to see the difference in how the two groups operate. There is a clash in how they think and their philosophies. The Jedi are so strict that you forget that their way doesn’t always work best. On the other side of this issue, we have the relationship between Keeve and Sskeer on full display. It’s sweet and emotional, and it’s rare to see a Jedi master and former apprentice let their guards down.

Creative bad guys and high stakes make for another great issue of Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic. Writer Cavan Scott and artist Georges Jeanty are creating quality work. I especially loved the chaotic fight scenes and how Jeanty manages to bring emotion to all the different aliens within the book. This arc looks like it’s coming to a close, and I hope we get more of the classic Star Wars story beats after it’s done. All in all, it’s a fantastic start to the High Republic era.

9 Plant Tentacles out of 10

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