Storm #4 Review — Death of Wolverine Edition

writer: Greg Pak / artist: Victor Ibanez

Uh-oh. It is on now!

If you’ve been following along with Jordan Calhoun’s Death of Wolverine reviews, you know the big guy with the Michigan logo on his chest has been in the crosshairs for four issues, with his final tragic, dare I say Heisman-like death arriving this week.

May Wolverine’s statue be as coveted.

That’s a big deal. Wolverine has been a big part of the X-Men’s lives, and Storm’s as much as anyone. Their affair bookends Issue #2 with sepia tones. And now he’s dead. Needless to say this rips through Storm’s current arc like a thunderclap, starting with the first few pages of this issue. She inscribes her grief at his loss across the sky as only she can, with just enough rage to make you feel it.

After that, Beast, the Eternal Keeper of the X-Mansion, settles Ororo down at home for a nice long crying jag. Beast cries, I mean, not Ororo. But, it isn’t that easy. With a cryptic text message, ‘Ro is contacted by Yukio and takes off on a new mission. Callisto, Forge, now Yukio — Storm’s history just keeps coming at you, allowing new fans to glimpse the past without the entire story line being in service to it. Yukio, who’s thing for Wolvie is well known, takes his death with a ninja’s cool.

She then asks Storm to back her play in a particularly unusual crime-syndicate conflict-resolution meeting, doing and I quote: “whatever Wolverine would do”. This is where I’ll stop spoiling the comic for you and encourage you to go and read it. The back half of the comic is quite the set-up, ending with the iconic, “Dammit, Logan” and the tagline: To Be Continued. Wolverine may be dead, but he’s not gone yet. For the Storm comics, his death introduces the first story to stretch across multiple issues. When you’ve been at the center of the game as long as Logan has been, death isn’t the end of your influence — — it is just the beginning.


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