Writer: Greg Pak; Artists: A. Barrionuevo, T. Palmer, R. Redmond / Marvel Comics

After the wrap up of Storm #8, this is a “reset” issue, in which Storm’s attention is focused on matters at home while Pak and the team set us up for the next story arc. The issue opens with Storm and Beast tending to some mundane tasks around the school, when who should show up but Remy Etienne LeBeau, Gambit to his friends.

Gambit is the kind of character that when he shows up, you know it is either gonna be really bad or really fun or both. In this case he brings Ororo a welcome break from the ordinary. She jumps at the chance to go off with him on a quick adventure. I’ve got a soft spot for Gambit since my old X-Men cartoon days. I am saddened that the writing staff didn’t bring much of his famous “Cajun” patois to his dialog. I know it is terribly stereotypical and maybe a little silly, but when has that stopped anyone before?

Leaving Beast to mind the school, Storm and Gambit run off to steal something from the Temple of Hermes, the God of Thieves. God or no, the thieves aren’t really concerned about their ability to crack it open like a walnut, so they spend quite a bit of time chatting and kidding each other like the old friends they are.

One thing that art team goes to lengths to feature in all of their side by side shots is the contrast between their eye color. It really pops off the page to see Gambit with red eyes and Storm with blue ones. I don’t know if it has any symbolic significance, but it adds a surprising flash of color in a comic that can sometimes be monotone.

Together, Storm and Gambit do conquer the Temple of Hermes, leaving a bunch of Temple of Doom jokes in their wake.

This is just before the giant boulder rolls down the corridor. Srsly.

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It is a fun, easy mission that ends with both characters having been reminded that they really need to be at home, handling their business, instead of romping around in an old ruin like they’ve got no where else to be.

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Meanwhile, back at the school, Beast has some problems of his own. It seems like a simple electrical short in the building, but in a school full of mutants surrounded by old enemies, is anything ever “simple”?

How I feel whenever my phone vibrates.

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I’ll take bets on which of their old adversaries it is based on the closing panel, and no I’m not going to tell you what I think. That’d be spoiler-city. Hit me in the Comments or on one of our other media with your votes.

Note: The Storm trade paperback, Make It Rain, consisting of the first five issues of this run, is out now for purchase. If you’re looking to catch up on all of the first arc at once, it is a good buy, and plenty pretty to boot.

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