The New 52: Future’s End #26 Review

writers: Azzarello, Lemire, Jurgens, Giffen / penciller: Scott Eaton

This week’s issue of Future’s End should make Batman fans, like myself, pretty happy–we start straight off with an appearance by Bruce Wayne. We haven’t seen him since the first couple of issues as Batman and now we get to see him show off that playboy philanthropist disguise he likes to throw everyone off with.

Issue #26 also gives us some good character development with Fifty Sue. Up until this point, all we knew was that was an over-powered little girl that even the great Slade Wilson is afraid of. While sitting right in front of Brother Eye and proving that there wasn’t a thing it could do about it, she makes a woman spontaneously combust just by looking at her–and enjoyed it. Brother Eye got the last laugh though. He showed Sue that Slade, the Batman to her Robin, was secretly plotting against her. We finally get to see a vulnerable Sue! She’s (somewhat) human after all.

But the best part of the issue was probably Batman getting fed up with Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch (they combine to become Firestorm) and the problems of their bromance and letting them know it’s time to move on in a way that only he could. This may have been one of my favorite issues to date because it has fewer stories which allows more room for development and answering a lot of questions.

Overall, I’d give Issue #26 of The New 52: Future’s End  a 8.7/10.


Sidenote: Apologies for missing the past two issues. Getting sick sucks. But long story short here are my ratings.

Issue # 24– 9.0. Action-packed, Superman returns with some attitude.

Issue #25–8.5.  The story is really starting to come to life now.


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