The Pull – 03/18/2020: Your Quarantine Comic Playlist

Here’s what we reviewed in comics this week that you might want to check out:

Aquaman #58

With a superhero wildchild for a dad, it’s not surprising that Andy is a handful and adventurer for a toddler. But it’s ridiculous that everyone’s perfectly okay just blaming this baby for wandering off and getting into near-fatal trouble instead of the people responsible for watching her! Meanwhile, Ocean Master is leading a revolution by providing the cure for a disease — that, let’s be honest, he’s probably responsible for — to the neglected citizens of the ocean floor when they feel abandoned by Atlantis.

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Guardians of the Galaxy #3

GotG #3 Cover

The usual Guardians slapstick/action combo took a backseat and gave-way to a tragic moment (that will probably pass) and it paid off. Ewing empathizes with his characters in a way that can’t help but bleed into his scripts and make for a compelling read. Even when we’re pretty sure we know where things are headed.

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Nightwing #70

After four other Gotham police officers and firefighters had been pretending to be Nightwing in Dick’s absence, only one remains. And this one is drawing the wrong kind of attention. Which is how the Joker gets involved and can instantly call out the impersonator after spending years fighting the real deal.

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Outlawed #1

Outlawed #1 Cover

The dialogue is as charming as we know these young characters to be, the superheroing is fun enough, but it still doesn’t make up for the fact that this book feels like Kids Bop: Civil War on just about every level. It’s an entertaining book, but not entertaining enough to make the reader forget this book retreads old ground that need not be tread again.

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Teen Titans #40

The issue kicks off with the team trying to figure out how they can get to purgatory to track down Djinn, a member of the team who’s been taken. As my uncle once told me, the quickest path from one point to another is a straight line. Unfortunately, the straight line from the land of the living to purgatory goes straight through hell.

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What books did you check out this week that we didn’t cover? Hit us in the comments or on our social media!

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