They’re Not Like Us #7 Review

Writer: Eric Stephenson / Artist: Simon Gane / Image Comics

They’re Not Like Us‘ short hiatus was just long enough for me to really miss reading the series and almost panic at the thought that I wouldn’t get to read more. But with issue number seven, I was able to scratch that almost two-month itch to find out what happened to this group of rebellious psychics that we’ve been invested in.

Issue number seven, “Strip It Down,” picks up some time after Syd rallied to troops and started a mutiny among the ranks of The Voice. Now with a new home, those that came with her are trying to get acclimated to freedom. They’ve re-learned their real names, have a new home and aren’t forced to commit violent acts – unless they want to.

They're Not Like Us #7 Panel

Syd – or Tabitha – has grown considerably since the first issue. When we met her she was a young, misunderstood girl that could hardly give herself any guidance. Now she’s the leader of the same people that took her in and is trying to give them as close to a normal life as possible.

The writing of the series has always been strong and that’s on display in this issue. Time jumps are an often-used writing tool but this issue doesn’t make you feel like it was done out of necessity, but by choice. The art has also improved from earlier issues when it made you wish for a little more. The scenery is more established and there aren’t as many panels with just a person standing in front of a solid-colored backdrop.

8 out of 10

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