With Destiny 2 well on the way, we will be introduced to some new weaponry. So I thought it would only be right to look back at some of Destiny’s weapons but with a twist. We all have our favorite weapon of choice but what does that say about our romantic life?!
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[title type=”h3″]The Young Wolf’s Howl[/title]

You’re the kind of person who likes to a challenge. You like to approach/flirt with older people. Your favorite line is “Age ain’t nothing but a number!”


[title type=”h3″]Thousand Yard Stare[/title]

You’re the person who’s contemplating on getting that person’s number and stares across the room at them until they see you. You’re the ultimate creep.


[title type=”h3″]Dragon’s Breath[/title]

You’re the type to talk constantly in your partner’s face not knowing that your breath is hotter than the devil’s spit. That might explain why your partner’s eyes are always tearing.


[title type=”h3″]Party Crasher[/title]

You’re the shit! At least you think you’re the shit. At every event you and your bae are at, you make sure you’re the center of attention. You try to impress bae and everyone else with your jokes and dance moves. You get kicked out often and your bae just stands there shaking their head.


[title type=”h3″]Patience and Time[/title]

You’re the best kind of person to be in a relationship with. You’re always there to listen and compromise. When you and your partner are arguing, you sit there patiently as your partner yells, throws things, and curses you out; You don’t interrupt.


[title type=”h3″]Her Right Hand[/title]

For Women: You keep that pimp hand strong. You know what to do when any fuckboys step to you wrong.

For men: Run bruh!


[title type=”h3″]Multitool[/title]

You are a guardian of many “talents.” You know how to work the field no matter the situation. Your strongest area is in the bedroom. You are a professional at “multitasking.” (Take that anyway you want)

What’s your favorite weapon and what does it say about you? Let us know in the comments!

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