I have been on a bit of a T-shirt copping spree as of late. The last of which made management Will Evans damn near have an intervention with me. We settled on me making it a column for the site. Now if you know Will Evans then you know he is the Upper Echelon Connoisseur of Tv Shows (HBO only). I hold the same standard towards T-shirts man. If I am rocking apparel that acts as an extension / Bankai for my nerd, I’m going to be technical about my choices. When I say technical, I don’t mean like an accountant, I mean technical in the sense of Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Now, if we being Bret “The Hitman” Hart about it, I gotta put them throughout the ringer.

If a shirt doesn't make me feel like i'm in the sharpshooter it failed
If a shirt doesn’t make me feel like i’m in the sharpshooter it failed

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I prefer to roll with the work of artists instead of the usual custom printed tee’s. Anyone can roll up in a comic book store then pick a tee with a green lantern logo, or wonder woman logo across the front and call it a day. Me? Ya boy? I caaaaaaaaaan’t. I go for that shit that appears on page 8 in a Google search bruh. I want that tee you can’t get in stores with mad obscure references to throw back games, comics, etc. Luckily Red Bubble and Society 6 know ’bout that Life. They’re both online stores that basically sell artist designs on tee, pillow cases, phone cases, etc, etc. It’s great been rolling with them for years, I’ll be focusing more on Red Bubble this time around. (as always in art there are cases of plagiarism so I like to make sure the shit is legit from the artist themselves and not stolen from another).

In my purchases, this time around I decided the majority of them would follow a theme. I usually roll with a classic twist on a character I like. For example my favorite of an homage to Michael Jordan with Green Lantern Hal Jordan

"Hal Jordan" by christanski
“Hal Jordan” by christanski


Yeah, I know. fuck with me you know I rock it. This time around I wanted to go with a theme of Academies, Dojo’s, Gyms, etc. I Just found that kinda cool to take it back to a throwback era of video games and anime in a sense of athletics. I’m all about paying homage but the most disappointing part is going through the search for a particular character and coming up empty. I’m going to highlight some of my favorite finds right here thus far. Starting off with the Gawd of arrows Clint Barton aka Hawkguy (fans of the series get the nickname).

"The Barton School of Archery" by Imconnorbrown
“The Barton School of Archery” by Imconnorbrown

I came across some homages to the birth of fighting games Street Fighter II. This was a hazard choice where I had to choose between two boxing gyms. Balrog’s and Dudley’s. We all know Balrog as the original (clearly a Mike Tyson parody seeing as he was the original M. Bison but due to legal issues yada yada) brawler from boxer from street fighter. My man only believes in his two fists ( why’s he wearing gloves in a street fight tho?) and Dudley the black boxing brit introduced in Street Fighter III. This was a toooooough choice man. Keeping it original and gritty or going with the finesse….. in the end Dudley won (for me). The design of the logo was just too smooth and eye-catching.

"Dudley's Gentlemen's Boxing" by Mike Cotopolis
“Dudley’s Gentlemen’s Boxing Club” by Mike Cotopolis

Mike Cotopolis

You may disagree, so check out Balrog’s Gym shirt here…

Last on the list (giving y’all too much insight to my workings man. You only get a glimpse!) We had to take it to the anime. Dragon Ball Z. Oh yes, the classics. There was a great capsule corps gravity chamber training shirt with Vegeta taking it to the limits but I had to go with this one for the Win.

"Super Saiya-Gym"- by Baznet
“Super Saiya-Gym”- by Baznet

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah buddy. This shit was my shit right cheaaaa. There’s a bunch of other stuff that’s great as well. I also don’t want your judgment on the rest of my attire choice. Red Bubble is the place to be for that +999 apparel armor. Next time around we’ll take it to Society 6.

(art by Odyssey Roc @ RedBubble.com)

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  • Draper

    As thanks for sharing where you got your dope tees, I shall share one of my sources: http://htcru.bigcartel.com/. Great Star Wars and Game of Thrones shirts mixed with popular brand imagery.

  • SaraEve

    I frequent teefury.com and shirtpunch.com they are both worth the look. 🙂

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