The Story of Sakura Haruno: Why Naruto’s Main Woman Character Is Hated, Underrated, and Unappreciated

Sakura Haruno

Naruto was a manga so full of characters that each had their own little nuances that made you love ’em or hate ’em. Now there are a few characters that get hate and deserve it for the most part, but there’s one that has been consistently hated on since the beginning. That character is Sakura Haruno, the only woman of the main trio. Sakura has been called useless, stupid, a waste of time, and everyone’s favorite word to use for her… a b****. Now I’m not here to tell you that Sakura is the best character, but I am here to tell you that she’s underrated and unappreciated for the things that she has done in the series. So without further ado, I bring to you, The Story of Sakura Haruno: Underrated and Unappreciated.


Now to start her story we have to go back to the beginning. Sakura Haruno was a little girl in the Leaf Village ninja academy with self-esteem issues and no confidence in herself. She was made fun of for her forehead which her classmates said was too big. She would always cover her forehead with her hair to save her from some of the bullying she would get. Then along comes Ino Yamanaka who gives Sakura a bow to put in her hair to bring the attention away from her forehead. The two would become best friends, and with Ino’s help Sakura gained a little confidence in herself and began to create her own personality.

Fast forward a little bit and Sakura is once again experiencing self-esteem problems. She feels like she’s living in Ino’s shadow and when she finds out that Ino also has a crush on Sasuke Uchiha she decided to end their friendship and become Ino’s rival. All of this stemming from her original self-esteem issues.

Fast forward even further to when the original Naruto series begins. Sakura still has a crush on Sasuke and gets put onto a team with him and Naruto. Naruto has a crush on her and she continuously shuns away any attempt he tries to make to be with her, or even to be friends. Naruto is shunned out of society and Sakura treats him like most of the village does, albeit with more psychical comedy. Sakura has an inner personality that she hides and an outer one that she allows people to see. Her inner thoughts are her insecurities that are released in a somewhat angrier way. Usually her inner personality would point out something that a character does and would say something along the lines of “WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?” It was also used for comedic effect.

Sakura Haruno

An important thing to note about Sakura is that she was just a normal girl. Well, as normal as a ninja girl could be. She had no inner powers, no clan jutsu, and wasn’t a Taijutsu master like Rock Lee. She was just a normal ninja, the Krillin of Naruto if you will. Sakura barely makes it through their first dangerous mission when her team goes against Zabuza and Haku. This is when the “useless” talk started. In this fight Naruto and Sasuke handle most of it while she is basically babysitting the person they’re supposed to be protecting because she was ordered to. She herself knows how weak she is compared to the rest of her team, but she doesn’t run away and stays with the person. She doesn’t do much fighting, but she never forgets her mission no matter what happened in the fight. She doesn’t cry or show any sadness or extreme fear until after the fight is over when she thought Sasuke was dead, which he wasn’t. Again, she has no special powers, she’s just a normal girl… ninja… ah yes, a Kunoichi.

This brings us to the Chunin exams which is where we really see her start to grow into the great Kunoichi she’d later become. The Forest of Death is where Sakura’s real story begins. So again she doesn’t really do much — she hides and lets Sasuke and Naruto show off. But when Naruto and Sasuke are incapacitated after a fight with Orochimaru and gets ambushed by a group of other ninjas, she panics. She has no one to help her, and her traps didn’t work on them. Sakura’s scared and alone until Rock Lee, the taijutsu master who has a crush on her, comes to help. Rock Lee fights all 3 ninjas but ultimately fails (mainly because he didn’t want to use his real powers or take off his weights, but that’s another story). Rock Lee is taken out which leaves Sakura on her own to fight them. One of them grabs her by the hair and tells her that she’s not a real ninja and that instead of training she focused on her looks.

Her whole life, Sakura has done everything in her power to try to keep her confidence up by any means necessary, which includes focusing on her hair. Sakura realizes that people are always saving her. She realizes that if she’s ever going to be a great ninja she has to fend for herself. All the years leading up to this would mean nothing if she dies here, so she uses her kunai and cuts her hair.

Sakura Haruno

She then begins to fight for her life against all 3 of the ninjas and holds her own pretty well until help comes for her and Sasuke wakes up to defeat them. This was a pinnacle moment in her life. She realized that she didn’t care about her looks or her self-esteem or any of that. In that moment Sakura separated herself from how she used to be. In that moment she was among the best.

Throughout the chunin exam and the Ambush against the Leaf Village she shows courage and skill. Her fight against Ino was honest and brutal as a fight between people who used to be best friends should be. Fast forward a little to when Sasuke had gone missing. Sakura loves Sasuke for more than just his “coolness factor” and tells Naruto to bring him back. She’s crying and is basically begging for Naruto to rescue him and he accepts her request. Sakura then realizes that Naruto would always be there for her and even though he loves her, he would do anything as long as it makes her happy. Sakura finally, after all these years, realizes that she had a true group of friends around her, and through her sad tears, there was also happiness.

Now we’re in Shippuden (part 2 of Naruto after a two-and-a-half year time skip) and Sakura has become a fantastic medical ninja with the help of Lady Tsunade, and even learns how to build up her Chakra and gain super strength. Sakura went from not having any special talents other than being skilled with her chakra, to becoming a medical ninja and just about mastering Tsunade’s technique in 2 years. She was no longer worried about self-confidence, no longer worried about her usefulness. She made herself an essential part of the village.

During Shippuden, Sakura proves herself time and time again by defeating enemies and keeping up with all the other ninjas around her. She defeats Sasori, an Akatsuki member and a very powerful ninja in his own right. She had help from an old lady but she still defeated him and that’s all that matters.

And still, even with all of the things she has accomplished, she’s still tagged with “useless” label, although at least the “b****” part is typically gone by this point. Sakura is there with Naruto and Sasuke in the final fight. No longer in their shadows and right up there with them standing tall and proud. Naruto and Sasuke are basically “god-mode” when it comes to their powers at this point and Sakura feels like she belongs right there with them. With a smile she faces all of her haters, her own doubts, her insecurities and more importantly one of the powerful villains of the show and she feels right at home.

Sakura Haruno

Sakura becomes an important character in the final battle, healing and saving lives as only she can do. You could almost say that without her the final war would have been lost with how much she contributes. Oh, and in addition to all of this… she gets her man in the end. They even have a daughter together. How cute, right?

The story of Sakura Haruno is a great one. She’s a slept on as a character, not only in terms of Naruto characters, but characters in general. I feel like readers didn’t try to understand her and just thought of her character as a typical girl character, or just tossed her up to bad writing. Sakura was underrated, and the things she contributed to the show were unappreciated. She was the most human of most of the characters: she felt weak, she felt useless, and she was bullied. She carried all of that with her until she decided it was time to let go of the past and focus on the future. And while Naruto might be the titular character, watching and reading the series from Sakura’s point of view might have been just as good a story.

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Sakura Haruno


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  • Lotus

    Here’s why I disagree with you.

    Hated: The reason why Sakura is hated is because of the way she treats people. She’s disconnected for herself from Ino because they liked the same boy, which ultimately left her with no friends. She doesn’t treat Naruto right even when he’s not being immature or annoying. And she treats Sasuke above all else when the main reasons she likes him only attribute to his “coolness” and looks. All this makes her immature, mean & shallow. This is why we hate her.

    • Jorge

      How old was she at the time?

    • Naaah (@Animeixon10)

      have you stoped reading the manga in Naruto classic ? Sakura had already changed a lot at the beginning of shippuuden, the way she treated Naruto on classic was really bad, but even there she started to try changing just after Sasuke had gone missing and Naruto was not able to take him back. She hasn’t put Sasuke above all else on Shippuden, she wanted to save him as much as Naruto, did he become immature, mean or shallow for you because of that ? Sakura’s love for Sasuke before she really had gotten close to him can easy be called immature, but after they had grown up, no. Kishimoto didn’t think was necessary to show exactly the reasons why she had kept her love for him, but that’s really compressible. Does people in real life has always a reason to love someone ?? And after all he had done and her posture in the chapters, it got obvious how her love for him had changed, although it was still there… Man, she even tried to kill him so Naruto wouldn’t have to, for of all terrible things he was doing consumed by hatred!!! She always tried to help with everything she had until the end of manga, call her mean, shallow and immature until this point, the end, is really nonsense..

    • Hemic

      I think I can somewhat put the right description on why sakura is disliked, its because she is not interesting as one of the main trio and as the main female lead. She is basically a damsel in distress on critical moments and takes away spotlight of really good characters, sin3 she is so badly developed. S7re she has done some impressive feats but as a main lead that gets both focused and featured for at least 70 % of the story, she is pretty useless. What exactly did she help against zabusa, what did she do against the gaara fight beside being a hostage, she saw sasuke escape but didn’t do anything beside asking naruto for h2lp later, she fainted in the fight against orochimaru at the bridge, she did nothing significant in pain arc even konohamaru did more, sakura just cried when sasuke officially became a wanted criminal for joining akatsuki, she tried to toy with narutos feeling with a fake confession, she had a shot killing sasuke but got captured and accidently poisoned naruto instead, she litterally went godmode in the last war arc after neiji died. I mean for characters that have had a tenth of her scre2n time, the amount of feelings and effort they have done is vastly better than sakura. For example lee, shikamaru, gaara, konohamaru, kakashi, jirayja, etc. I mean I know some useless characters exist but thank god they are just side characters, I would never want the story focused on them like how sakura got

    • K

      Shut up Lotus

    • Meepermeep

      She was a little girl that’s how some kids act!

    • Ene

      @Lotus- Did you even read the manga or watch the anime properly? And even if we even accept that she treated others badly, that was her past. Like everyone else she learnt from her mistakes (She was friggin 11!) unlike you guys, who are still stuck in 2000 and hate Sakura completely ignoring her growth.

    • brandon

      I agree. Sakura is so narrow-minded, and never works hard for anything. All she did to be considered a “medical genius” was heal fish on a mat 24/7, and somehow, it let her actually do something. Also, she is never shown studying anything, and overall, her personality is just one of annoying people. I don’t understand how she wins, and when she does, she always fights weak opponents. Therefore, her accomplishments deserve to be neglected, and she is just another useless, annoying character to watch.

    • _FirstKiss

      Actually, Ino was the one that started hating on her first. At the very start, Sakura didn’t know that Ino liked Sasuke. Sakura then told Ino that she liked him and after Ino started acting cold towards her and denying their friendship. Then sakura starts feeling insecure and feels like she’s constantly in Ino’s shadow. In the end she just stops being Ino’s friend because of her coldness, sharing a crush, and her own insecurities. Also, Sasori had a puppet who was the strongest kazekage in history, so tell me HOW IS THAT WEAK. Sakura is made because they want Hinata to shine as the Female Lead.

      Also, her hitting Naruto is for comedy relief, and she did nothing in the Zabuza attack because before then, she had never actually fought properly. That’s why most animes are better off staying Japanese and not popular. Because Japanese people don’t start stupid opinions on a character. Because they aren’t real. You may think differently, but in reality if you were Sakura, you would’ve been weaker than her.

  • Maxi Taylor

    I want to agree with you but can’t. Unfortunately Kishimoto is just a crap writer when it comes to female characters. I liked the idea that she was very selfish and materialistic when she was young, but along came moments where she grew immeasurably as a person, leading her to power up both physically and emotionally and giving her some of the best character, if not the only great character development in the series. But then Kishi (following the Sasori fight) completely backtracked on most of her development, relegated her to less than a supporting character and made her do things that were completely out of character and did in no way align with how she had developed as a character. Then finally, he made her, along with most of the other main female characters like Hinata and Temari, a fricking house wife. He’s just a crap writer that’s all. Biggest disappointment.

    • Tijani Olasile Gabriel

      Lol Maxi what were they suppose to be after the war and they’ve married? R did you expect them to still wear their Amor while at home? Even during the time of Minato and kushina. When the time for battle they battle, when it’s time for them to do their house wife works they change and do it. And the fact that Sakura is a medical ninja is another thing you’re missing. Medical ninjas aren’t suppose to be in the Front Lines, they are meant for support. Only People who have attained the Lvl which tsunade is can decide to go to the front line, but they still have to pay their work as medical ninjas.

      • Fairy

        Yes they do have two jobs now. But they are still ninja which means they have an occupation like sakura as the Heaf of the hospital or maybe even the general of the Medical Corps (the same job that Kabuto’s father had). Hinata has a lot clan business to take care of (even if Hanabi is the heir) since the hyuga are changing. Temari is the Suna representive in the Shinobi Union (see the wiki) and still an ambassador. Just because the war ended doesnt mean that the ninja have stopped being ninja. Above all they have tons of missions. They do all the bad stuff to keep their country safe and to not get into pointless wars. They still need to do that to keep They are the shadows of the people of their land, like how their village is the only hidden village in their country. They are like the FBI and CIA (more like this because they dont deal with the civilians od their country) of that world. Yes, they do still do housework but their cothes will always be easy to run in and where they can hide weapons to use if they are attacked in that outfit. They were taught their whole lives to be on gaurd. But yes, I agree on where you said that they can dress ‘like’ housewives, just not exactly like them.

        • Fairy

          Sakura has also surpassed Tsundae which means she is also front lines. The apprentice always surpasses the master

    • Neojedi

      Agreed highly.

  • Shirara

    Thank you so much for voicing this. People often disregard her as a character, even though she represents what many of us have had to go through as suffers of anxiety or as someone considered lesser than others. Thank you again.

  • Mr.Marston

    I must politly disagree. Sakura is despised because of her obsession with Sasuke(even after he nearly killed her many times) and her stomping on Naruto’s(initial) feelings for her. She never gave a coherent reason for liking Sasuke other than his looks. She abandoned a potential relationship with her best friend(and pure nice guy) Naruto for a guy who never gave her the time of day just because he was popular and handsome. How shallow is that? And Sasuke still ignores her in Gaiden.

    • Akiry

      “She abandoned a potential relationship with her best friend(and pure nice guy) Naruto for a guy who never gave her the time of day just because he was popular and handsome.”

      I have to disagree – I don’t think that’s why she loves Sasuke. In a flashback in episode 32, Sakura tells her friends (including Ino) that she has a crush on Sasuke. The friends warn her about Sasuke’s popularity and it becomes clear that Sakura didn’t even KNOW he was popular. She’s surprised. She’s worried about how many rivals she’ll have.

      I think there’s more to her feelings for Sasuke than just his looks and status. People don’t always understand why they like someone. I usually can’t put my finger on why I get a crush on someone (it almost never has to do with their looks).

      I also don’t think it’s fair to say that just because Naruto is nice to her and has feelings for her, means she should start a relationship with him. There’s more to love than that.

  • Kasey

    I’m laughing right now because doesn’t everyone fall in love and doesn’t that person who they love hurt them? Sakura would be my favorite character because not only did she still love sasuke after all he did but she didn’t give up on him even when he was trying to kill her. Yeah she was a bitch when she was younger and she did give up on her friendship with Inu but doesn’t everyone make mistakes at a young age?

    • Scythe

      None of that would happen thebwhole distance makes the heart grow fonder nonsense is bullshit after two and a half years of not seeing sasuke the feeling would have muted all but died out nothing more than i memory of feelings passed and after all the attempted killing of her and naruto i mean come on at some point your just being stupid

    • LULthis”story” of sakura

      “I’m laughing right now because”, I like how you are saying this stuff like it should be taken nonchalantly XD

    • Neojedi

      “She still loves him even though he tried to kill her…”

      THATS a reason to admire someone…? Sounds like mental illness to me. I know that if in real life someone said “well, he tried to legitimately kill her but she stood by him…” We’d all be like “…what? Does she need an intervention…?”

  • Anna

    Sakura is a sexist portrayal of women anyway. No self respecting girl/woman would put up with all the crap she got from Sasuke-kun, much less marry and have a kid with him. The icing on the cake was when Sasuke once again took off and left her to raise Sarada alone for years, solidifying Sakura as a stereotype.

    • ruiz

      @ Anna, imho Sakura had a lot of potential, but her one sided obsession with Sasuke squandered it. she became an invaluable medic n strong teammate, only to return to a fangirl once Sasuke re entered the picture, people like Hinata because she became a stronger person due to her love for Naruto while it was the opposite for Sakura. And she still hasn’t left Sasuke for someone who would actually care n treat her better.

    • shugotensai


  • Lego

    I don’t get why folks liked Sakura or Narusaku for that matter.
    she treated Naruto like garbage throughout while he was nothing but nice and pleasant to her, naruto treated her far better than Sasuke ever did. I’m glad naruhina happened because Sakura never deserved him. at least Hinata loves Naruto the flawed person, what reasons did Sakura give for liking Sasuke? Besides the superficial looks and prodigy? That’s right………

    • Nao

      And Hinata deserves him? Where was she when he was ignored by the rest of the village? Hiding behind trees. Admiring from afar, that’s not cute or even admirable of her…it shows she’s a coward. NaruHina doesn’t even make sense. They show Hinata’s feelings for Naruto but they never explicitly displayed his. Everything you said about Sakura was while she was a child but when she grew up who was there for Naruto. Not Hinata, not Sasuke, it was Sakura.

      • a Wacky Gangsta

        lol Nao. Sakura was nothing but an emotional burden to Naruto all around. It’s a wonder why Naruto even liked her. in between putting him down, playing with his feelings and making him follow that stupid emotionally draining promise to bring back a revenged crazed borderline psycho. sure Naruhina is very rough around the edges, but it is better than being with someone who teased you for being an orphan and then lied to your face about ‘loving you’ while slobbering over a dude who treats her like pure crap and nearly started a war. she deserves Sasuke, him leaving her for who knows how long

  • Will

    It’s a problem with Kishimoto’s handling of her character. People just don’t buy her love for Sasuke. I’ve never seen why her love for him was so special and unyielding that it was capable of surviving his attempts to kill her, her comrades, her sensei, her master/hokage, and her village. Maybe it’s a cultural thing where Japan places emphasis on family values when it concerns the woman. To me, it just comes off as sexist, dependent and glorifies abuse. Also, after the Kazekage rescue arc, she has no development for several years of serialization until the kage summit arc where she regresses back to her part 1 counterpart and is then shoehorned into the final battle with poor writing. Without foreshadowing, she suddenly gains the byakugo seal when it was never mentioned at all in the entire series that she had been storing chakra until that very specific moment then her punch to Kaguya which has too many reasons as why that should have been impossible.

    • Karthurs Haru

      Completely agree with you.

  • Ninja

    Naruto’s own “love” for Sakura at the start was based on his rivalry with Sasuke. Although Sakura’s own feelings were no different, based solely on Sasuke’s good looks and was contrived. Sakura is wasted potential, she’s a great concept of a strong female lead character wasted on romance in an action manga/anime. Either way, at least Naruto is happy with Hinata while Sakura’s marriage with Sasuke seems bland and boring.

    • john

      Ninja, I think the whole rivalry thing is too simple an explanation. Just look at Naruto’s actions and behavior towards Sakura, he was like a love sick puppy yearning for her affection. He did everything for her sake and happiness, even sacrificed his own feelings for her. That takes a heart of gold and balls of titanium, especially if it’s one’s first love or crush. I’m sure there was something more than freindship somewhere at some point. But I agree, they are happy in the end. At least Naruto and Hinata, not sure about Sasuke and Sakura lol

  • Marco

    Well I absolutely love Sakura. She is my favorite female character alongside Kisara (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Mainly because they develop very differently from others. They don´t gain power or train to be a badass, they actually earn their place by doing stuff no one else could have, and all of these acts are based on true love, but after they´ve worked in their insecurities and flaws. Sakura treats Naruto that way because, he might be the only person she actually trusts, and she knows that he will always be there for her. It may sound like she is being unfair, but it is actually why Naruto developes feelings for her in the first place, and that is the same reason why he didn´t buy her “I love you” thing to save Sasuke, he completely understood that she was desperate and ready to even die for her love, and believe me, there aren´t many characters that would do that while knowing they might and possibly will ultimately fail. Personally, if I had the chance of meeting someone that could look at me the way she loved and cared about Sasuke, I´d probably be the happiest man in the world, cuz not everyone is capable of sharing their WHOLE life and soul with you.

  • Aohebi

    I really liked Sakura but I started to hate her because of her superficiality, her ignorance, her fanatism and her devotion to Sasuke and her cruelty to Naruto. I’m sorry but this girl is not a good person, she wants to become ninja for what ? Why does she love Sasuke ? She is a bad friend, she ends her friendship with Ino, her only friend for a boy and decides to make her her rival.
    Naruto really loves her, he sheds blood, tears and sweat for her, he sacrifices his feelings for her to be happy and she, she strikes him for futilities, despises and tramples his feelings.
    She could have evolved over the time and become a better person and an excellent kunoichi, she would have learned the taijutsu with Gai-sensei and the medical jutsu with Tsunade-sama.
    Apologize to Naruto and Ino and treats them as her best friends and she would have bitterness Sasuke because of he tried to kill her and she would have beaten him for that (Karin too), She would have fought a lot more and would have won with her taijutsu, her determination and her insight.
    In the end she fell in love with Rock Lee and we would stop seeing her like a superficial and useless person

    • Neko

      Never liked Sakura. She was willfully oblivious to the fact that she was destroying Naruto with that selfish promise that it was Sai, the most emotionally stunted character in the series, who broke it to her. It’s true that good an stable guys like Naruto and Lee were affectionate to her and had development, but in the end, she doesn’t deserve them. I think Aohebi, that they got it right for Sakura, pairing her with someone who gives her the cold shoulder and whose affection seems little more than taps to the forehead and vague smirks.

      • Akiko

        I totally agree with you. That’s why I have no issue with Sakura and Sasuke’s relationship. She definitely deserves him and his coldness.

        • timon

          Never thought about it like that Akiko-san, Neko-san. I guess she does deserve a distant and cold relationship with sasuke considering her admittedly poor treatment of Naruto even after all he did and treating her WAY better. at least Naruto moved on to someone kinder and has matured, whereas Sakura destroyed her home in an emotional outburst. “sigh”.

      • Bugs

        Naruto would have always wanted to save Sasuke whether he promised Sakura or not. Did you not watch the show ? It was shown that Naruto since a long time noticed that Sasuke was another lone soul just like him, and although he never spoke to Sasuke because of him being jealous of Sasuke’s abilities, Naruto thought of him as a brother. So arguing that Naruto only went after Sasuke due to the promise asked for by Sakura is not right. He would have gone after Sasuke any way. Besides Naruto never hated Sasuke for the stuff he did, he was happy to have him back in a heartbeat, so why just bash Sakura?
        I don’t think you can necessarily point out a particular reason for falling in love with someone. To this day I don’t know any specific reasons I fell in love with my husband. It just felt right. Sasuke pushed Sakura away everytime because he was more focused on his path as an avenger and he didn’t want her involved in that or getting hurt. Sasuke tried to push her away because he believed she did not deserve him, and also she could be that one person who can avert him from his revenge. As for them not being together so much after getting married, well I feel they are both mature enough to make those sacrifices for their village, and their love is strong in their hearts. Unlike you people they don’t need to cuddle every night to feel loved. Their love is something beyond those things that most of the current materials based generation can not ever hope to understand.
        I don’t have a problem with Sakura hitting Naruto sometimes, because sometimes he deserved it for the idiotic things he would say or do. Besides it was all more sibling like.
        Also just because Naruto was nice to her it doesn’t mean she’s obligated to love him. She did not have that kind of feelings for Naruto. And that’s the realistic picture. I have had at least 2 guys who had a crush on me, there was nothing wrong with them, but I never felt any feelings towards them. It’s not their fault and it’s not my fault. It’s not Sakura’s fault.
        I absolutely like Sakura’s character, she was full of flaws at the beginning and she didn’t come with a strong family back ground like her friends yet she worked hard and improved herself as much as she could. She is now one of the most valuable women in Konoha. She felt real to me. If she was always so perfect and good I would not have related to her at all.

  • Ayma Malik

    All you people are extremely stupid. You claim that sakura never had a reason to love sasuke and was only after him because of his good looks. First of all, sakura may have initially liked sasuke based on his coolness, but the more time they spent together, more she started to see his flaws and fell in love with his imperfect self. Second no one in the whole manga( except for hinata) was given a reason behind their love. Whats shikamaru and temari’s reason? What’s obitos reason. He clearly loved her dearly as he started a war for her. Above all where’s naruto’s reason for loving Hinata?? Don’t say that its because she was there by his side, when it was always Iruka. They don’t have a reason, so iam safe to assume they loved their respective partners because they were hot right?
    Sakura suffered the most for loving sasuke. She stopped wanting to be with him. Kakashi himself stated that ‘ she dosent want to make you hers, she just wants to save you’ after sasuke left, never once did she stated of being with him. Second of all people don’t like sakura for treating Naruto badly. I agree that she did treat him badly, but after commenting on him being an orphan, and Sasuke calling her out, she did feal bad. Above all she supported Naruto. During the written exam, she was willing to fail so Naruto wouldn’t have to lose his dream. And during his fight with kiba and neji. She cheered for him and had faith in him. sakura came to care for Naruto as well. Third, about her breaking her friendship with Ino. Sasuke was never the only reason. Sakura broke her friendship so she wouldn’t live in Ino’s shadow any longer. She wanted to blossom and beat Ino to prove her strength. They became rivals rather than friends. Sasuke was just the last straw.
    Another comment iam hearing alot is sakura’s promise with naruto. I would like to remind you that sasuke just left recently, she was very hurt by his betrayal. She felt guilty as she couldn’t stop him. Only one who could now was naruto. So she asked him to bring him back. She never asked him to promise her. It was Naruto himself who promised her. Not the other way around. After failing to fullfil it, she never blamed Naruto, instead she forgave him and said they’ll do it together next time.
    About her fake confession. She just recently found out that sasuke became an international criminal and was ordered to be killed. Sakura didn’t wanted to believe it. But was the truth. It’s not like she knew about Itachi. Above all Sai left her guilt ridden by saying that her promise with Naruto is making him suffer. And about how Naruto was in love with her. Clearly she never took his promise so seriously and never knew he loved her. She had to stop sasuke and wanted to kill him herself to not only stop from falling dealer into darkness, but also so Naruto didn’t had to
    She confessed to Naruto, to take a little burden off him. Plus she knew that he will be able to see right through her. She knew she hurt him. She felt guilty for doing it soon after. And it’s not like she was actually going to end up with him. She was planning to kill herself, after killing sasuke. Sure her plan was completely flawed and so was her reasons to confess to Naruto. But she thought there was no other way. And why do people keep saying that, she’s stupid for loving sasuke after he almost killed her? Like sasuke tried to kill Karin, Naruto and even kakashi. Them forgiving him is fine but if sakura does it, shes desperate?? Hypocrites. And it’s not like sasuke was in control of himself. He was completely under the influence of the curse of hatred.
    It would have been so.easy to love Naruto right? So easy to let sasuke go cause he’s too far out of reach. But the thing is, that if sakura actually did went after Naruto instead of sasuke? She would nothing more than a shallow fangirl. Going from one cool guy to another just because the other one is too out of reach. Loving sasuke was never easy. She knew it but she could never stop. You don’t choose who you fall in love with. Plus it was sasuke who made sasusaku canon due to the forehead poke. He never abandoned her or sarada. He was on a classified mission that only he could complete due to his rinnegan. If sasuke never took the mission, there would have been another war. To stop another war from happening, he left on said mission for years as to protect the future generation( mostly sarada) from not suffering the way they did. Plus sakura, someone who witnessed the horrors of the war by medic nin and the head of children’s medical hospital, supported him unconditionally. After they got married, sasuke is not cold to sakura. In Gaiden we saw it. How be he said that his wife was not a weak women, and FREAKIN amaetrasued the measly blades piercing her. He held her so gently after it. And when sarada asked that if he loved sakura, he replied yes. And when she asked, how can he be so sure? He said that You( sarada) are living proof of my love for sakura. Meaning, sarada was created from their love for one another. And lastly, sasuke’s from a traditional family, he’s never going to be so open about his affection. So that’s why he refused to kiss sakura in public, especially in front of his own as you can see, sakura i’sent a bitch nor is sasusaku a horrible pairing.

  • Karthurs Haru

    One of the main reasons why I see the hatred for Sakura from all the fans is because she always has that insane obsession with Sasuke and doesn’t notice to Naruto, but they really can’t blame her. Love is like this: blind, that is, you can’t control your feelings about someone no matter how much you want. It didn’t matter how much effort Naruto did to conquer her, however much he wanted her or whatever he did to save her, she would continue to love Sasuke unconditionally in a deliberate way (which I find very sexist since it is not the only case in the Naruto series) I really cant say much since I’m just going for the first season, I have not enough to finish it but still I expect about 500 more chapters of Shippuden, but I have enough spoiler to know that Sakura becomes strong and with Tsunade training Becomes a medical ninja. And besides that is not ferful and as the series progresses he becomes much kinder, braver, and is another person, values ​​things more and cares for everyone alike.
    I despair how the most of womens in Naruto are so restricted, always fighting for the love of some guy who ignores them, as if they didn’t have their own strength to fight, and as this article says just a “normal girl”. I’m not saying all the female character (for example Tsunade, she’s strong, brave and as I see she fight for her own and protec everyone in Konoha) but other girls well… nothing to say.
    I had read that Sakura was planned like this, just a normal girl without much to do and that even the author gave the whole story a role that made the fandom hated. Kishimoto dislikes me in that aspect, puts them as useless. In short, good post.

    PD- This is MY opinion and I’m not tyring to ofense anyone, I just ask respect to my point of view.

  • Polar Bear

    Sakura is a prime example of a wasted character and contradiction. On one hand she’s a fierce fighter and brave/skilled medic, on the other, she allows her “feelings”(AKA obsession) for Sasuke cloud her rationality and judgment while she shallowly fangirls at the worst moments, all while Sasuke treated her as less than an after thought when he wasn’t almost killing her. She had potential to be a strong independent ninja and invaluable teammate(she did in a way), but she ended up reduced to a shallow doormat who doesn’t even protest Sasuke leaving her for all those years alone with Sarada in the epilogue, much less rebuke him for his misdeeds. Time will tell I guess.

  • Specific Pacific

    Sakura is a contradiction. On one hand, she’s a brave and fierce medic and teammate, on the otner, an obsessed fangirl whose based shallow feelings for Sasuke clouded her common sense even after he treated her as less than an afterthought when he wasn’t nearly killing her. And she was terrible to Naruto, who truly cared about her and her happiness. Though she improved over the series, in the end, she regressed back to her shallow self and married Sasuke without even rebuking him for his misdeeds or even his leaving her all alone in the epilogue. Those are just a few reasons why she’s generally disliked.

  • Specific Pacific

    Sakura is a contradiction, a strong and fierce medic/teammate, yet she allows her based feelings for Sasuke(who treated her as less than an afterthought when he wasn’t nearly killing her) get the better of her. And that’s just one reason why she’s generally disliked.

  • A Naruto Fan

    Sakura is terrible. And look at her now, she crawls back to Sasuke and marries him after all he did(including nearly killing her and him treating her like crap).Even the databook says she’s a lonely wife. What a character.

  • Anthony

    Sakura is a terrible character. She obsessed over a guy who was a douche to her and her friends while putting down a dude who truly cared about her and her happiness. Now look at her, even the databook confirms she’s a lonely housewife.

  • March Nu

    You know, I spent years hating Sakura and started when she was dissing Naruto about being “all alone” to Sasuke before their teamwork test (yeah,smart thing to say to the sole Uchiha survivor). From then on it was hard to change my perception of her, not that she made it hard especially in the early episodes. But then it hit me Sakura it actually such a pitiful character to be tied to love. Even the light novel Sakura Gaiden the the word “love” is in the title. Blame Kishimoto he really need to learn to create female characters. Sakura is so fused with the concept love and love for Sasuke I can’t imagine her being her own character. Even with her individual accomplishments in the Medical Ninjutsu field it just feels cheapened when she is confronted with her love. Wherever Sakura is, mentions of Sasuke must follow she’s just not her own person. And I don’t understand her love for Sasuke I mean they spent less than a year as a team the number of conversations could probably be counted on her fingers and I don’t think that Sasuke went out of his way tot talk to Sakura at the academy so where the hell does it come from?I’ve read a comment that says that other characters had no base for their loves either or it was pretty light but the thing is Sakura is one of the main characters it needs a base or your just left with confusion and and annoyance from the audience. All in all it’s just sad. But the only thing I like of SasuSaku being a thing is there adorable daughter Sarada. How she could be the union of two annoying characters is beyond me.

    • Ayma Malik

      Why are people such selective readers when it comes to sakura??
      After the chunin exam sakura stopped fangirling over sasuke. She loved him and somehow she’s at fault for it? Sakura never wanted to make sasuke hers. She never wanted him to fall in love with her. Sakura just wanted sasuke to be Happy. Heck during her second confession Sakura literally Said “if I could! I would have taken all your pain and agony and shoulder it myself… I would do it in a heartbeat”
      Sakura’s Character never revolved around sasuke’s any longer. She protected her team in the chunin exam on her own. She fought ino as to prove her worth and growth. She defeated Sasori on her own will. She surpassed tsunade so she won’t be a burden to her team mates any longer. She healed 1000 of shinobi’s in the war, all at once. She literally pumped naruto’s heart to keep him alive. She charged madara as a diversion. She used almost all of her chakra to bring​ sasuke back from the other dimension with obito to stop kaguya. She punched kaguya at her blind spot to seal her once and for all. She healed naruto and sasuke after their battle so they won’t​ bleed to death. After the war she opened a children hospital for war orphaned kids. She did all of this for herself! As you can see her character does not revolve around sasuke. Heck she even once chosed Naruto over sasuke. Loving sasuke gave sakura courage to become strong. It does not define her Character. By your logic, even naruto’s Character revolves around sasuke. Sasuke almost killed Naruto countless time. And people are fine with it. But if it’s sakura than it’s abusive???
      Do you hear yourself here?
      Naruto forgave sasuke instantly and brought him back to his life. But if sakura does it, she’s desperate??
      Sakura never forced sasuke to chose her. He did it on his own free will. People sometimes forget that chapter 699 and chapter 700 has a 15 year gap. Before sasuke left for his mission, sarada was 4-5 and sakura was 26 or something. Both of them got married when they were 20-21. So as you can see, they had a long time to get to know each other again. Alot of time to fall in love again. Alot of time to forgive each other. Alot of time to start all over again.Plus sakura is not a lonely wife. Where is it written?? Like give me the proof. Don’t spout nonsense with no base behind it.
      Sakura is more than happy with sasuke. Even sasuke admits it. He told orochimaru that his wife was not weak. He told sarada that she was borned out of their love for one other.he held her gently after rescuing her. After gaiden kishimonto said that even though sasuke and sakura are a couple who are rarely seen together, due to sasuke’s important mission, but their hearts and feelings are connected to one other. And he said that he hopes that people will able to see the bong between them.
      And MARCH NU, if sakura loved sasuke only for his looks, she would have given up on him along time ago. You people need maps and directions to understand something because you are unable to read between the lines.
      If you want to shit on a character who’s whole Outlook was based on a guy? Shit on Hinata. Her greatest achievement in life was that she married kishimonto ( mentioned in wiki, by kishimonto himself and Boruto movie info) sakura became a Jonin and is still an active ninja. She does not lose her development around sasuke. In Gaiden she punched a guy with the mangeko sharingan and destroyed his organs in a single hit. As you can see she’s still badass even after marrying sasuke. She didn’t lose her development. She developed into a mother that’s all.

      • Antoi

        Ayma, I agree with you 200%

  • Chelsea

    WOW. Reading through all these comments, I see that a lot of the hate she got was because people didn’t like that she didn’t have feelings for the “nice guy” that always loved her. Fuck you! Nobody should be forced to love someone just because the other person loves them. I absolutely hate that Sasuke and Sakura got together, I believe Sakura deserved better. But she didn’t love Naruto in the same way and she shouldn’t have to. I’ve seen so many people bitch and moan about Sakura for years because of “friend-zoning” Naruto. Who fucking cares. There was a guy I was genuinely in love with at one point and while it hurt that he couldn’t like me back, I never once thought of him as a jerk just because he only wanted to be friends. You move the fuck on and be a mature human being. Sakura not liking Naruto back wasn’t a crime and she shouldn’t be held responsible for that shit. Cry me a river. I didn’t like her obsession over Sasuke, but she loved him and she has a right to love who she wants. So many cry baby guys out there who have probably been friend-zoned and instead of move on, spend the rest of their days bitching and looking down on girls who can’t like them back.

    • Sedgwick

      Well Chelsea, considering the other dude went rogue, had no qualms about killing her, her friends and destroying her village while nearly starting a war, I’d say the likes of Lee and dare I say, Naruto would’ve been the ones to go for. Now look at her, just a lonely housewife who fawns longingly at Sasuke’s picture while he leaves her for years to raise their kid. Their “relationship” is one sided obsession peppered with Stockholm syndrome. Even Sasuke was perplexed by it before trying to shish kabob her, causing Naruto to bail her out as usual.

      • IB

        No. Logically, it doesn’t matter if the entire world thinks Naruto or Lee are ‘the ones to go for’. Sakura does not want to be with either of them so the road ends there.

        Exaggerate their relationship as a “one sided obsession peppered with Stockholm syndrome” and sprinkle on your distortion for justification all you want.

        If this was your true problem with the relationship then you should have no problem chastising and demonizing Naruto’s character as well. He demonstrated these ‘symptoms’, if you could call it that, even more fervently and pathetically than Sakura. Does he not seem stupider and more selfish than she is when I use your methods to understand his behavior?

        The truth is neither of their behavior warrants that kind of diagnosis. The reality offers a much wider spectrum for normal human interaction than your extreme definitions. Using your criteria, we’d all be put in mental institutions.

        • Neojedi

          Agree with Sedgwick, Disagree with IB.

          Just finished binging Naruto, Shippuden and the movies.

          First off, earlier comment said it but Kishimoto sucks with female characters especially for the few the manga/anime has: far too many (esp the main ones in the Hidden Leaf) are “hey, you could be a medical-nin!” Should Ino…? Oh yeah, uh, her too!

          Temari and Hinata have better motivations (the former to protect her “little brother,” Gaara, the latter to be worthy of her title and then–later–to fight by Naruto’s side. Even Tenten I enjoyed more because her scenes were her wading in to fight vs screaming “SASUKEEEEEEE…!!!” or “NARUTOOOOO!” like Lois Lane yelling for Superman.

          Even Ino’s scenes didn’t consist of “SHIKAMARUUUU!” or Tenten scream “NEJIIIII!” constantly for help or (God Forbid) Tsunade cry out for Jiriya when she’s about to get clocked…they stood their ground and fight or fell.

          Sakura had a few high points and it’s always when she finally FINALLY stood up for herself: w/the chunin exam and cutting her hair, Granny Chio vs the puppet master Sasori, when she charged Naruto as the 4 tails to try to help him, and at the end in the final battles against Madara and Kaguya. FINALLY.

          But much of the series was her getting kidnapped for Naruto to save (again and again) and her pining over Sasuke. And oh my God. The PINING.

          I don’t think she needed to reciprocate Naruto’s feelings (as an aside, he had a crush on her before Sasuke was even a factor in their relationship and before they were teammates), but manipulating them was…just effed up. The entire “promise me that you’ll save my love, man who’ll do anything for me” was just…gross. And for those who say “well look at how old she is when she asks him!” She’s 13 aka 8th grade. He comes back in Shippuden & she’s 15. She knows he’s still throwing his entire body and health after fulfilling the promise he made to her and doesn’t say anything until the most stunted emotional character on the show (Sai) points out something that literally everyone else around her knew because they look down and embarrassed when he confronted her – she had been manipulating Naruto’s feelings for her for years and never cared about him in the same way in return.

          Now might Naruto have gone on a Sasuke recapture tear anyway? Maybe. but at the end of each failed attempt when he was wrapped up from head to toe in bandages, when he saw her the first thing he reaffirmed to her was that he was going to keep his promise.

          So how she treated him was purely fcked up, plain and simple.

          And then let’s get to the core of my active dislike for her character: her love for Sasuke.

          I can see from the responses on this board that a lot of (I believe female?) posters are playing the “the heart wants what the heart wants” card…but…some of y’all are broken. Seriously.

          If a dude that you claim to love has literally ignored you for three straight years while you’ve been fighting and living side-by-side, leaves you to (initially understandably) avenge his family and clan, then TRIES TO KILL YOU on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS, and then sees you fighting and hurt at the end and you notice that he literally could give a s*** about you getting injured…? It might be time to see a therapist if you still are pursuing him.

          Even if your reptile brain is stuck on him being unattainable, ergo you have to chase him, a majority of women grow out of that s*** and start looking for people that treat them kindly and with respect and feelings grow over time even if they don’t start off white hot.

          Even Naruto, as much as she pursued Sakura and tried to go out on a date with her, once Hinata told him she loved him and put everything on the line to save him, he started dialing back pursuing Sakura for a date and finally in “The Last” he got it. He never saw Hinata romantically before, but her actions won him over and he fell in love with her…despite his ability to bring people together, he was not exactly the most emotionally self-reflective individual on the show.

          Sakura was emotional and, at least on one occasion, physical abuse victim. She loved someone who did not love her back and ended up marrying him despite the fact that he’s absent more often than not. As far as girls go, that is not anyone that I would want a future daughter to emulate, because behavior patterns like that result in women ending up in a shelter or the morgue…the object of their desire rarely has a happy ending.

          All of that said, I at least like the fact that she ended up with cold, distant, absent Sasuke because it’s karma… She got exactly what she wanted and now she’s a lonely housewife with an absent husband. Congrats!

          • Beck8i

            As a woman I approve this message and I will also add that I don’t doubt that Sakura and Sasuke love each other they really do but that doesn’t mean that they’re compatible. U understand the to be compatible you have to understand it’s not a prerequisite to love is something you have to work on. But on the otherhand there still are the basic compatibility factors that you have to start with to work on that love and grow. EX:
            1. Communication
            2. Sexual
            3. Emotional
            4. Core Values

            (This the in boruto manga in anime):what is speculated but true

            Communication between couple is mostly about sasuke and his lost clan. I don’t care, why isn’t that he never ask about daughter, like more recent pictures. Because in boruto when sasuke and saranda meet he didn’t recognize her,until her sharingarn appeared. Thats bad.

            2. In sasuke shriken or series manga sasuke and sakura was having sex this maybe what could’ve been when their daughter was conceived. But i sakura to me look very uncomfortable and its been said sasuke has a bit of kinky perverted side, sakura fill shy even little bothered by this. Not bad thing but good either.

            3. Emotionally sasuke all been distant and sakura always been dependent for emotion. And nothing has changed even as adults.
            4. The only that this couple could be compatible on is the core values which protecting village at all costs.

            In the new series boruto which i watch on and off(not that interesting to me) sakura and sasuke are just not connecting to me natural as couple, she’s her husband therapist with benefits and i understand they are sacrificing their relationship for the village safey, but it will be unrealistic if that doesn’t end their relationship in the future. Look at the 3rd hokage and his (ex)wife, when minato(4th hokage naruto dad)died the 3rd had go back to his role as hokage, which caused divorce from his wife.

            Same could happen to naruto and hinata even though they’re cuter pairing, this couple just doesn’t work now as things are different and they are changing going different paths, which is normal.

  • Meowmeow

    People don’t get it. Sakura didn’t end her friendship with Ino because she wants to. She did it so that they could ‘compete’ fair and square to Sasuke. Obviously, they would only betray each others feeling if they keep on liking Sasuke while they were still friends. Someone has to back down and let go if that it is to happen.


    Hrm…..I agree of all the hate since Idislike her too…once. But when I read kishimotos comment about her, I changed my toughts of her, then I realized she has changed. Well, one, on her younger days she is the irritating fangirl, has no skill or talent, nor powerful clan like hinata naruto or sasuke, abusive character(well I think kishimoto made it to be funny even though it is not for some readers like me), every word she say is just boring, and her to be there with team 7 is just annoying, not forgetting shes shout a lot. In that era, her development is too little to be consider important nor make any progress in the story. The only event that make so is just naruto sasuke kakashi n other minor character….never a scene considered sakura as eventful nor crucial….heck, even if she was there…nothing major change. The only thing that has progressed is her annoying frail attitude. Let see…theres not a thing heck even a hint to show she can develop as great as naruto and sasuke. Huh….useless isnt it. But then, when I look again in positive thinking( it was HARD really cuz shes so annoying and full of flaws(T.T) I felt like crying!) I saw a little that she have a little positive characteristic that make in her own special way, like her intelligence that make her using chakra easier when climbng the trees n exceed in exam too, so here I noted…compared to the girls in her age, shes far more intelligent than them. Well…her cutting her own hair is a great scene as she show some cool things though after that just pointless(-_-‘). In physical terms like when fighting shes not as strong as the suna girl(dont remember the name) but hinata is too and ino too ( I said that cuz they are the loved girl character by the reader), hrm..but since she the main charcter, it something considered useless….the I remembered that at that time kishimoto said that he does not plan on making sakura main yet, shes just a minor character at the time, like she was create cuz he had to make a girl in the group team 7…but much much MUCH later he change his mind(really now..) so here I noted again that shes weak is okay cuz shes only minor character just like hinata n ino…but unfortunately shes in the spotlight cuz she team with our main character so any flaw made are unacceptable…for people like me..heheh….n not to mention shes like by naruto ( our main character)( more spotlight)…n she fngirl over sasuke just like ino does( n since she become main chaaracter later on , plus with her attitude over naruto,n the spotlight that shes in… that is something NO NO! Cuz here people want something badass n all great character personality n developement, not something that considered…im speechless)…so its unfortunate for her….if only shes change role with hinata, she will be okay with team neji n lee, people will not hate her much…n himata being the shy girl she is…is okay with the main character…her personality is suited with her frail form n lack of strength, cute!( cliche one^.^)….so here the reason why peopledirect their hate to sakura…cuz shes just being in the wrong spot…with her character, and stuff about her…just not fittingly with the role she is at the moment…the timing is miserable…at the time I felt sympathy for her, seemed like being a victim hahaha….plus with her sad past where people bulliying her just make me felt guilty more…I think I understand why she become the annoying person she is(her younger self) cuz when shes kid, shes being bullied until ino comes, giving her the self confident sakura lack of…(actually shes cute at that time cuz she timid, shy, lack of confidence,n being bullied…its like a hint of great character she will become when she grow up…thats a good plot being the main girl character , like something great will happen….but nope…) so she lock away her lack of confidence by being pretty, her mind set at that time focused more on her looks will make her confidence n stop people make fun of her…she had not yet matured in that aspect but its okay cuz she young. But no worries as she learn the truth n find her own personality n confidence n not focused more on her looks like ino did( she too have learn the truth but she being she is, like fashion n stuff) anyway sakura doesnt give a damn about her looks after the event where she realized bout it.that why her clothe n hair are not as beautiful as hinta or ino or tenten etc2.eventhough cuz sensei dont know how to draw her appearance femininly n female like….
    Now, in later chap shes have frown to love sasuke, theres no need a reason,but I think kishimoto need to cuz people with just confused that she only favour the appearance not who he is…but kishimoto said that sakura love him in the real meaning of love, where she love him the real him not the cool him n good looks. Kishimoto said that he wanted to highlight her characters loyalty,and trust of others. Just like naruto with his determination, and trust of others too.

    And for her developmentvin shippuden….I dont think I should note that down…..she managed to become strong,( remember when she had no powerful clan, no abilities, skills. Like others minor character does, hinatavwith her clan n signature jutsus, ino from her known clan plus her beauty, the sunas girl having brother like gaara plus she strong too,) manage to surpass tsunade, when even shizune cant…its shows her struggle, hardworking, determination jist like naruto does but never shown by kishimoto…she doesnt have her eventful part at all…so when the hater people saw she suddenly show some badass strength, they cant just like her like that…theres no evidence or story line about her change of character n personality that can be equally n perfectly for main character that can change or persuade the people hate for her…
    Haih….okay next next, she managed to kill sasori,with obochan help…but the scene where she stabbed by sasori and the way she ignored it so she can kill sasori is really2 AWESOME! .n when she save kankuro, where she have a lot of fanboy, where she become the top medic, where she can beat zetsu other half,that disguise as neji, n when she activate the idknowhatitscalled jutsu like tsunade can….they are all prove her to be badass strong n beautiful main girl, n shes not that stupid girl anymore, well the way she abuse naruto is a comedic thing kishimoto wants to add, n cuz its the way she show her fond of him

  • Ene

    Sakura is NOT an abusive, stupid, crybaby fangirl, she is very strong, smart and kindhearted- to the point of sacrificing herself. Don’t be bitter because she isn’t one of the perfect shonen manga heroines completely dependent upon the male lead.

  • Jie

    I hope your joking about saying Sakura point of view would be just as good as naruto. That’s the biggest bull shit I have ever heard.

  • SnowyDays

    The character, Sakura, is hated and difficult too appreciate. She is seen as weak, not just compared to Naruto and Sasuke physically, but as a character who is emotionally stunted, Not only is she far away from being an ideal, her archetype is jarringly annoying and regarded with disgust, regardless of gender. (Sasuke’s character irritates too and should spend his life in atonement). As for why the audience accepts Naruto so easily forgiving of Sasuke’s sins, it’s because Naruto’s motive and intention are different from Sakura’s. Naruto gives and protects while Sakura seems to take and take, like from Naruto, and needs to be saved. Our brains are wired to not like any variation of leeching, especially from someone capable – it can’t be helped.

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