Writer: Greg Rucka / Artist: Nicola Scott / DC Comics

Rucka continues to show off and bring the ruckas (someone must have used this pun before) double dipping between the present storyline and Wonder Woman’s origin. Listen, get you a creative team that can do two story lines at once, boo. Ya mans and dem is just showing off right now. We get Diana back in her year one origin story doing some training with Steve Trevor to get more acquainted with the gifts that her patron account blessed her with. Your girl out here doing the most lifting tanks, blocking bullets, and talking to lizards. Not going to lie that was my favorite part. When the last time we ever get to see Diana so in awe and wondrous about the world around her like this, man?


Nicola Scott creates an incredible image of Diana being young and taking everything in as she grows accustomed to the new world. The fun and games gets put on hold tho as she gets the debriefing on just what this Sear group stands for. Also, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out how much of a nerd Barbara Ann was for this panel right here and how much of a nerd Etta is for recognizing how deep Barb’s nerd delved. This was a great interaction between the two and goes to show that Etta is just as well versed in the (obscure) arts of old as Barbara. Look at that stare doooooe.


This issue gets even more interesting when it’s suggested that Diana go in and interrogate the Sear members that were apprehended. We know that Diana isn’t going to go in there slapping these dudes around but instead she uses the Golden Perfect (such a hard ass name for the lasso) to get them to snitch on themselves. Also, Greg Rucka got Dr. Minerva out here getting her crossword puzzle on for a big reveal, which makes itself known full force by the end of the issue.

This series is only getting stronger with each issue and this creative team is making the story come around full circle as well. This is the treatment Wonder Woman been deserving off people. Diana dropped that New 52 garb and got back on her GANGSTA warrior shit. Tell’em why you mad, Diana. Tell’em why, D!

8.5 Sign This Confessions out of 10

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