Writer: Ed Brisson / Artist: Dylan Burnett / Marvel Comics


Can we universally agree that ‘Squelch’ is the grossest onomatopoeia? The sound of Dethlok’s ravaged body being ransacked begins the conclusion of the ‘Sins of the Past’ storyline in X-Force. The team is in the cut attempting to free innocent mutants from the hatefully violent Constantin, president of the fictional Transia and his unlikely ally, Ahab. Well, former ally is more accurate. Under the pretense that Ahab could cure the mutant gene, specifically his son’s, Constantin is betrayed. Now, Ahab is a target for both the X-Force and the president so he’s going to need an edge.

Is it a giant mech?

It is indeed a giant mech.

Meanwhile, Domino figures out that young Cable has been keeping secrets from the team (Classic Cable).  After a good yoking Cable admits the true target of the mission. A character deeply connected to Ahab and Cable (Can you guess?). The final battle ensues and our team succeeds in rescuing the country’s mutants but Cable fails to get the information he wants out of Ahab. Not skipping a beat, the X-Force is confronted by a new threat, one of the most terrifying of Cable’s enemies.

This was a foreseeable conclusion to a classic X-Force story. People torment mutants, X-Force kills them, enter a new challenger. Last week’s issue had a touching moment with Kid Cable and Cannonball. This issue didn’t have much except a rant from Domino about being honest with your team. We’re going to delve more into Kid Cable’s history in the next arc, “The Origin of Kid Cable”. I’m really hoping for something fantastic because if you’re going to kill off a badass like Cable, I’m going to need a little better than this.

6 “Unexpected Stabbings” out of 10

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