X-Men #20 Review

X-Men #20

Writer: Jonathan Hickman / Artist: Francisco Mobili / Marvel Comics

Jonathan Hickman has spent the lion’s share of the past two years showing what a unified mutant nation looks like when they dissolve their various factions, put aside their differences, create a safe haven for their kind, and become a world power. But nothing lasts forever, and X-Men #20 is when we start to see the beginnings of paradise starting to fall apart, and something must be done.

Magneto and Charles Xavier send Mystique on a dangerous mission into the heart of OROCHIS, the human think tank organization making death machines to destroy Krakoa. Everyone’s least favorite shape shifter can’t afford to mess this up not just because there are anti-mutant robots in the works but because of a personal promise on the line. The future Hickman teased us with during the beginning of his run is becoming clearer bit by bit starting in X-Men #20.

X-Men #20

X-Men #20 is particularly interesting because it’s becoming noticeable how the ruling body of Krakoa seems to have no problem breaking laws they created in the interest of maintaining the status quo. And the hypocrisy is starting to pile up. Meanwhile, on the art side of things, Francisco Mobili definitely understands the assignment. Although I miss Lenil Yu’s sense of scope during scenes depicting the OROCHIS space station, the color palette and detailed facial features in close up scenes serves Hickman’s dramatic script well in the issue.

Bottom Line: Hickman’s vision for Marvel’s mutants is starting to take a turn in the evenly scripted, well illustrated X-Men #20. Well worth the coin.

8 Nimrods with feelings out of 10

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