10 WWE Wrestlers Currently Killing The Game With A1 Entrances

There’s something about hearing your favorite wrestler’s music hit that will get you hype off the strength. I grew up in the attitude era of WWF (I know it’s WWE but it pains me to say it) and when you heard that sound of glass breaking you knew Stone Cold was comin’ to cash a check he had for someone’s ass or if “If you smell…” was uttered over the speakers, you ain’t even gotta complete the sentence, you knew that The Rock just got out the kitchen cooking up a buffet worthy of Food Network and was coming to make sure ayebody caught a taste test of the work he goin’ put in.

I’ve gotten back into wrestling lately and there are a lot wrestlers who not only have great entrances, but their theme music is worthy of having a rapper drop bars on their track and take it back to the WWF Anthology days (Oh, don’t act like you didn’t but it too). CFO$ are the guys that compose the themes songs for the wrestlers and they put in that werk. You know a theme song is good when you take the time to download it to your I-pod (Yes, I still use an I-pod). They’ve been killing it throughout the years. That being said, I decided to compile a list of my favorite wrestler’s entrances and theme songs (with links to full entrances) from the current WWE universe roster. And yes, I reenact each one of these entrances on my list in my free time.

“The Future”


If I’m going to start this off right then I gotta start with the she who is most wavy. I gotta start with she who is the most swaggy to come down the entrance ramp. I gotta start with Asuka because the Empress of Tomorrow is so damn hard. I tell you no lies when I say that shit. Asuka is so Dipset with her bravado, yo. From the opening riff of her theme song to the huge remnant era fur coat and that dopeass mask, Asuka is out here on some “Who wanna fuck with the gawd.” Keeping in mind that as of today (5/20/17) she still hasn’t been beaten since her debut in NXT.

Asuka come to the ring without a single fuck straight, just vibing (her mannerisms’ll show you just how unbothered she is) cause as of yet, ain’t no one finna check her. What makes her entrance even better is how even the lyrics to her theme got bars,“The one force of nature they call by name. I came from tomorrow to take back today”. I’m sorry but that is stupid dumb hard and I love it. Asuka is such a juggernaut in that, she’s in her own league man.


Tye Dillinger


Tye Dillinger physically embodies Kanye West’s “I guess every superhero need his theme music”. Period. Your guy Tye been putting in work in WWE for years, finally found his groove, and got a song that reflects his triumph. When you hear Dillinger’s song come on, it’s the WWE equivalent of Bill Conti’s “Gonna Fly Now” theme from the Rocky series. IDC. IDC. IDFC. I said it! It’s that hype. The riff comes in, then those trumpets hit? Those horns of Jericho hit? The fucking trumpets straight outta Drumline hit and then you hear that voice saying “tennnn” right as the beat drops?

Come oooooon, y’all not fucking with that gangsta. Y’all not fucking with The Perfect Ten right there. Dillinger’s charisma is infectious when he comes out to a sea of fans chanting, 10! 10! 10! 10! repeatedly, and dude freaking soaks it in. Man, Tye Dillinger out here stuntin’ on yall and making it rain Alexander Hamiltons in more ways then one.


“Turn It Up”


If we’re talking Bayley then we must be talking Four Horsewomen. We must be talking the heart of NXT. We must be talking the most based face in the place. That’s all we’re talking about if we invoke Bayley’s name. I don’t care how G’d up you are there’s a huge part of you that goes straight into “awww” mode when Bayley’s theme music drops because you know she’s going come out making it rain fun. She’s got this magnetic energy and can do no wrong on that stage.

Personally, my favorite part is when she comes out doing her little shoulder jig, then backs it up, winds it up, and throws her hands up to the high heavens and Mufasa as the Wacky Wavy Inflatable Tube men pop up. That’s my shit, plus the song got bars. “There ain’t no stoppin’ us now, we celebrate on the floor. Top down, we’re ready to go” Bayley is the queen of the fangirls, your girl out here living her dream and making OG’s of the wrasslin’ games hearts melt from the pure sweetness of it all. Don’t be fooled by the colorful tube men, devil may care theme, and smiles tho, ya girl still got hands, #ThugLife #HugLife. I should also point out that Baley does an incredible spot Finn Balor entrance too.


Sasha Banks
“Sky’s The Limit”


*Hands on chest* Be still my beating fandom. Mmm, Sasha Banks is a great face but an even better heel. Be it hero or villain, either way your girl is the bossiest and everybody paying her respect as rent money. Another member of the 4 Horsewomen from NXT, Sasha Banks is more chill than a pound from Bobby Drake. Out the gate when you hear that verse from her track say, “Had a dream I hadn’t made it, “Now there’s nothing dragging down me, yeah. Cause a girl gon’ push it all out the waaaaay” *rapper hearing a sick beat growl* that shit gets me each and every time. I loooove that verse cause it’s kinda raw with the reveal of doubt but in comes that do or die attitude, right? Almost scoffing at the idea of not making it

Banks is all do or die yo. She’s so cool about the moves she makes too man. Look at that demeanor when she comes out doing with that trap music dance before hittin’ that little pivot. Listen, that lil flex on the pivot gives me liiiiiiiiife. That lil pivot stunt she hits is a hardy meal for me bruh. Don’t even get me started on that ill gangsta lean she hits on the ring apron before steppin’ through the rope. Deadass, ain’t nobody more ballin’ than Sasha Banks stepping no the scene.


Bobby Roode
“Glorious Domination”


Bobby Roode doesn’t have an entrance song, that mutha fucka got a rock ballad. Nah, fuck that. Duke got a Bast damn anthem. Do you heard that shit? When them piano keys hit? Say word is bond Bobby Roode got the keys my guy. You know your song knocks when the entire WWE Universe (why don’t they just saw crowd, my god) is fucking with it. You know your shit knocks when you can see the heavens opening up each time your you come out to your entrance. You gotta love the choir feel for this song that just Matches Roode’s personality so vividly.

Roode comes out the curtain reveling in all the glory and it’s hard to hate’em for it cause this beat is glorious and he’s fucking glorious in the ring too. It’d be one thing if it was just the choir singing “glorious” but the lyrics go so hard in the paint squared circle too, “No, I won’t give in. I won’t give in till’ I’m victorious! And I will defend, I will defend” . This is the shit you sing to yourself when you’re trying to pump yourself up before you lift in the gym or when you’re facing that hard ass final boss in a video game. Roode is to glooooooooorious to bless the people with this one right here.


TJ Perkins
“Playing With Power”


I was already a TJ Perkins fan during the cruiserweight classic tournament then my 6-year-old Black/Indian/Blasian nephew Noah saw him on an episode of Raw and was doe-eyed. Noah asked, “Who is that?! He looks like me!” I told him, “That’s TJ Perkins the 8-bit gawd. He looks like you because he’s Asian too.” “HE’S ASIAN LIKE ME TOO?!” Don’t you ever tell me representation doesn’t matter, especially when your flying from the top rope. Another reason I’m rocking with TJ Perkins is as I said before he’s about that 8-bit life. Have you seen homie’s entrance? That shit is decked out with video game references, pop cultures, sounds, and visuals. This is easily top ten entrances of all time in wrestling. Don’t @ me. I don’t care. This shit sounds like it’s right out of a video game PLUS HE HAS A FREAKING CHARACTER SELECT OF ALL THE CRUISERWEIGHTS! WHEN THE CURSOR LANDS ON HIS AVATAR IT INITIATES THE ENTRANCE! WHAT? WHO FREAKING DOES THAT MAN! CFO$, yall are crazy for this shit right here.

My favorite part of the entrance is the lil jig Perkins does crossing his arms then touching his knee to his elbow. That’s my shit, man. I dunno what dance that is, or what routine that is but that shit gets me hyped every time. then he flips in the ring with the hoodie coming down over his head? Fuck outta here man, Perkins too bars for this shit. He’s done a heel turn recently and I’m really hoping he doesn’t change his entrance to match that too much or just make the music sound villainous in 8-bit. This is easily a perfect entrance and I say that with all my fucking nerd bias on full blast.


Ember Moon
“Free The Flame”


I said it once and I’ll say it again, Ember Moon is the reason I started watching WWE again. A friend put me onto her work before she got signed and my god. My god the homie is a fucking athlete. I say that shit every time but Ember Moon (haaawf-dwaaaaaagon if you nasty) is such an athlete and an even bigger nerd. A connoisseur of cosplay and all things geek, which you can tell right off the bat. Ember hits the Magical Girl pose in her entrance, if that doesn’t let you know she got nerd life tatt’d across the belly nothing else will.

Your girl come out looking like an unlockable character from Mortal Kombat rocking the Wonder Woman Amazon attire so you know it’s real. Ember out here dressed in the war gawd gear with her music to match. Bruh, she got moonlight (that alternates at times) as her moonlight. We always see her rocking custom contacts for red, orange, and silver banshee colored eyes (where the sharingan contacts at tho). Plus, her song fucking baaaaaaangs. Ember’s theme sounds straight out of the Road Rash soundtrack on Sega Genesis. That gritty as smells like teen spirit grunge. You know what I mean? When the singer carries that note once the beat drops?! You know somebody going catch the hands, forearms, and enziguri’s. You know she can deadlift 400 pounds? Mmm-hmm, Ember Moon is a problem nobody wants to do that long division on or show that work with.


Finn Balor
“Catch Your Breath”


Finn Balor the coldest muh fucka in the game. Period. That’s it. I should really just end it with that. That man too cold for his own good. He’s not cool, he’s not chill (I told you Sasha Banks owns that), Balor is simply too cold and no one man should have all that bravado. The best thing about Balor is that he’s hilarious and dorky as well but when he’s on that stage it ain’t no laughing matter (unless he tells you to laugh). His song goes so hard as it’s real rock orchestra type shit man. Balor theme is the shit you want to enter the room on, each and every time. Forget R&B, if you’re about to get it on with your partner in the bedroom, you better be putting this track on, and entering with your arms spread eagle on the base drop so they know what it is from jump.

That guitar riff is soooooo gutttta when it kicks in and when Finn through his arms up on the consecutive beat drops? You can’t teach that level of swag, and when he brings out the demon king? When your boy gets the demon King persona jumpin, complete with the body paint, and he crawls to the ring and switches the whole persona and demeanor?! Untouchable. Balor is just untouchable, he’s got two separate ring entrances entirely different in mannerisms and demeanor. Wait did I say two entrance personas? I meant three. You’re out your mind if you think I’m not going to put his Bayley entrance homage on here as well.

Balor Demon King

“Amazing (Remix)”


Started from the bottom now we here! Started from the bottom now ya girl a women’s champion and the whole team fucking here. To appreciate Naomi’s literal glow up you gotta remember that she started out a dancer, then a wrestler, and fined tuned that athleticism, flexibility, and agility (that split-legged moonsault doe) for years but was just missing that last piece to her character until she embraced her inner last dragon and got the glow. Yoh, You can’t tell me this isn’t the hardest top 3 best entrances in the game as we speak. Do you see the colors, do you hear that beat? My guy, you see all this glow in the dark action tho?

When Naomi comes out hitting that heel-toe clean as fuck, I liiiiiiiiiiive. When Naomi slides down the ramp with the ill lean back, I liiiiiive. Naomi legit reinvented herself with just a tweak. Her theme song is a remix of her original entrance music and it goes soooo hard in the bop. The lightweight chopped and skewed of the voice repetition dragging out the “Amazing” phrase is genius. Throw Naomi’s electric personality on there as well and you got grown woman Black girl magic at its finest. Look at your girl out here living her best life.

Shinsuke Nakamura
“The Rising Sun”


There’s not a doubt in my mind that Shinsuke Nakamura is the smoothest man on the planet today. Eccentric, extra, ecstatic, energetic, the alliteration goes on and on man. Nakamura just commands your attention effortlessly. I was told once that when performing I use the stage as an instrument; that’s what immediately comes to mind whenever I see Nakamura except he uses the stage as a freaking orchestra Nakamura is an ultimate frontman and it shows in how he walks, talks, and moves. Yo, don’t even get me started on your mans and dem’s entrance music tho. The rising sun? Whaaaaat? When the lights come down and you hear that violin go off? God forbid you see Lee England, Jr on the ramp looking dapper while pulling the bow to his violin out like a samurai sword.

If you see Lee England, Jr. playing the violin strings for Nakamura’s entrance you better call it a day cause Nakamura is coming out with the fade for your ass. You know you made it when there aren’t even words to your theme song so the crowd just sings the melody like, “Whooa-oh-ooh-oooooooooh-“. You not fucking with all that gangsta man. Then when the second build-up starts revving up, starts charging up the Marvel vs Capcom Special meter than drop? When that violin gets low for the screeching beat drop and Nakamura runs to the rope for his death drop?! Life. I found liiiiiiife. Shout out to Earl Maneein for adding the violin work to the track from day one. Nakamura out here gettin’ low for the culture man. Out here doing the ultimate lean for the people. Shinsuke Nakamura out here doing the most and we’re taking it all in like bottomless mimosas and avocado toast at brunch.

Shinsuke Rope Drop

Aaaaaand there’s my ten favorite wrestler entrances and themes from the WWE’s current roster. I was going to name a few honorable mentions but instead, how bout you guys comment with your favorite current wrestler entrances from all WWE and other promotions and why it’s on your list? Let us know in the comments below and on twitter.

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