It’s that wonderful time of year again where Black cosplayers from all around the globe celebrate and uplift one another during Black History Month. By using the hashtag #28DaysofBlackCosplay, created by Princess Mentality Cosplay, fans of multiple and intersecting genres are able to spread their appreciation and solidarity among one another during this time that celebrates the endless accomplishments and talents of Black individuals. You can follow the tag on any of your favorite social media sites, or you can check my favorites here every week. There’s so much wonderful work out there, we just have to appreciate!

Celeste Tial

Instagram: Celeste Tial Cosplay

Who are they? Storm from X-Men

Look at how gorgeous this Storm cosplayer is! I love how eery and ethereal this whole look is. I GOT CHILLS.

Stardust Megu

Instagram: Stardust Megu

Who are they? Wonder Woman from Justice League

Stardust Megu is such a bright and positive force in the cosplay community that her cosplaying WW is a perfect complement to her character. I love how beautiful this costume is and how lovely she is.

Pros and Cons Cosplay

Instagram: Pros and Cons Cosplay

Who are they? Wilykit and Wilykat from Thundercats

This dynamic duo just knocks me right into nostalgia park with this fantastic duo cosplay of the adorable twins from Thundercats. I love how perfect everything looks in their super cute photoshoot. This is what I strive to be as a cosplayer!

King Kitsu Cosplay

Instagram: King Kitsu

Who are they? Lotor from Voltron: Legendary Defender

I’ve admired King Kitsu from afar for awhile now because their sheer talent at prop making and costume creating is damn near LEGENDARY. I mean, look at their Lotor. I don’t even have the words to describe how phenomenal he looks. You have to give major credit to any cosplayer who can perfect the art of body paint.


Instagram: Dejavu Dejanae

Who are they? “Holiday” Satsuki from Kill La Kill. (The “Ugly Christmas Kamui” design is credited to @alaphyies.)

Happy Friday night, Happy February, and Happy Black History Month!! Because being an adult sucks, I had no time to prep for this year's #28daysofblackcosplay lol. I unfortunately don't have much content of my own, but I'll try to give shoutouts to some amazingly talented cosplayers that I'm proud to call friends. ? Looks like I'm just in time for day 2, in which today's theme was "Creativity." Sooo I know it's more Christmas-related, but Holiday Satsuki/Ugly Christmas Kamui Satsuki was one of the most creative cosplays I've ever put together. While it was more of a silly costume just to get a good laugh out of people, I was super proud of the way it turned out. It was also the first time I worked with LED lights! I'm so grateful that the original artist for the design let me cosplay it!!! ❤ This Satsuki will surely make a return for the next holiday season. ? • "Ugly Christmas Kamui" design by satsuci on Tumblr/alphyies on Twitter ? • Photo by @dtjaaaam ??? • . . . #killlakill #killlakillcosplay #satsukikiryuin #satsukikiryuincosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #blerd #cosplayersofinstagram #holidaymatsuri #holmat #holidaymatsuri2017 #holmat2017 #day2 #creativity #holidaysatsuki

A post shared by ♡ DeJanae ♡ (@dejavu_dejanae) on

Holiday versions of characters are always fun, but DeJanae’s cosplay of Satsuki blew me away. It looked so breathtaking. And I’M NOT EVEN A KILL LA KILL FAN. The colors just really pop and I love the Christmas tree garnishes on the shoulders. So cute!

Come back next week for more our favorites from #28DaysofBlackCosplay! BNP has interviews with cosplayers from across the country, you can find them all in our Cosplay Corner.

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Thunder Cats Cosplay


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