Writers: Zhou Liefen with adaptation by Greg Pak, and Alyssa Wong / Artists: Keng and Pop Mhan / Marvel

The title page of Aero calls the titular hero “Astonishing” and “Awe-Inspiring”, and it’s hard to really disagree with that description. The elemental master of all winds and architect of many skyscrapers in Shanghai, Lei Ling, if nothing else, is a fun hero to watch work. It is certain that, between Keng and Pop Mhan’s stellar, albeit very different, interpretations of the characters, we get a full grasp of the incredible skill that Lei Ling has when fighting in all sorts of environments. This particular issue involves a lot of water.

Pak continues to capture the core of Aero’s caring nature and thoughtful observation. In his adaptation of Liefen’s original story, Pak lets us peek into Aero’s methodological nature in how she approaches the strange circumstances she is presented with and how much she is motivated by protecting the citizens of her home. It helps that the the solo Aero story feels a little more active than the last stand off and hints at something beyond the basic origin story antics we’ve gotten so far.

Furthermore, the Origins & Destinies saga continues is wonderful form, with Mhan’s incredible art being the perfect vehicle for Pak and Wong’s narrative. There’s a significant amount of world building that opens up a whole slew of possibilities for the Marvel universe. It’s not necessarily groundbreaking, but it feels like a great riff that will make the back half of the comic feel like home, a recurring theme for sure.

The joy of Aero and Aero’s interactions with Wave is still consistent. At the end of each read through, I find myself wanting more, which is really the true test of a comic these days. It’s a comforting read with great visuals and an all around solid story that, if you’ve been following along this time, you’re gonna wanna see it to the end.

8.8 “Unexpected Things in the Water” out of 10

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