All Star Batman #4 Review

Writer: Scott Snyder / Artist: John Romita Jr. / DC Comics

I realize it will very likely not ever happen. I realize it probably shouldn’t ever happen. Given the dismal reception (and effort given) of the DC Cinematic Universe films so far, I don’t see it even coming to life in a pitch meeting, let alone a script. But I really want Scott Snyder’s inaugural story arc for All Star Batman to be a Ben Affleck-directed film somewhere down the road. Everything I love about Batman raising hell outside of Gotham mixed with all the ultra-violent mayhem of season 5 of Archer. There’s literally no downside here.


Issue #4 continues Batman’s Road Trip from Hell as the villains really start taking a kitchen sink-style initiative towards stopping Batman from delivering Two Face to his fated destination. The gauntlet of Bat-damage taken seems endless and grueling but relentlessly entertaining. By now, you would think that it would get old but it’s only succeeded in making the journey that much more suspenseful. If this weren’t a Batman book, basically assuring that our hero is probably going to turn out fine, I’d think that he wasn’t going to make it through this one. And Romita’s art really sells the toll this trip is taking on the Dark Knight. The gritty action really comes alive best during the scenes in the sewer tunnels where he takes a real torturing.


Bottom Line: This book goes for broke with the action and never looks back while still exploring the relationship between Batman and Harvey Dent, really offering a sympathetic side to a creepy, unsympathetic villain.

9 Biff Bam Pows out of 10

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