America #12 Review

America #12 Review

Writer: Gabby Rivera / Artists: Stacy Lee, Annie Wu, Flaviano / Marvel Comics

We’ve reached the end of the line for America Chavez. Gabby Rivera wraps up her tenure fleshing out Marvel’s boss ass bae through a unique Latinx / women of color flourishing meets Star Wars space adventure origin. Planeta Fuertona is still under attack from La Legion and Madriamar just got washed by these invaders. Things are as shit as they ever been but America ain’t ever been scared of any odds stacked against her.

America #12 Review

America is ready to CM Punk (knees 2 faces) these invaders and goes in for a (knowingly ill-advised) second power-up from the Crystal of Uzam. This power-up connects America to Uzam and through that connection, a deeper reveal takes place with La Legion. It’s really a shame that the series wraps up with this issue. You can tell there are so many more avenues that can be taken in explaining the history between La Legion and their relation to Planeta Fuertona. As a reader, this would have been a good story to see stretched a little longer as it is America’s homecoming. It’s a big moment, one she has been waiting years to have.

Rivera does a good job tying up the loose ends with the compact amount of time. There is a resolution that comes from left field. The conflict with La Legion is more than meets the eye and again, it would have been lovely to see it fleshed out if not just for one more issue. The artwork this issue is damn gorgeous. We have Stacy Lee, Annie Wu, and Flaviano to thank for that off the rip. America looks smooth as fuck along with all the other starlings appearing. Jordan Gibson and Chris O’Holloran make the colors so vibrant for every aspect of America.

America #12 Review

From the characters, background, and dialogue, this creative team has served America Chavez well for her final issue. Who knows when we’ll next see Marvel’s boss ass bae. What we do know is that this isn’t how the story ends for ya girl.

7.6 Dragon Pup Crates out of 10

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