America Chavez #5 Review

Writer: Gabby Rivera, Kelly Thompson / Artist: Ramon Villalobos / Marvel Comics

It’s one thing to have two of the best friends in Marvel, America Chavez and Kate Bishop team up but to have the writers of these two character’s solo series hop on a track together? Gabby Rivera (America) and Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye) get their WWF tag-team run together for this issue and it’s solid oak. River and Thompson have America coming to Hawkeye for a getaway and some help with the most recent events. Chavez fills Bishop in on everything that happened thus far in her college sting, as well as the mysterious luchador dressed woman (love that) that knows her mothers. This is a good run down for the readers as we catch up with the previous issue and discover that an old friend? flame? Friendly-flame? needs America’s assistance. No portals allowed.

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What occurs next is a road trip that was very much needed for both Chavez and Bishop. If you’ve been following Hawkeye, you know she needs a break from her own plate full of issues. Chavez enlisting her help displays just how good Bishop is at finding links and missed nuance to put the whole picture together. This road trip sees them both working on the case, taking multiple selfies, and Bishop getting to know more of America’s past life. I’m fucking with this issue heavy, man. To see America around someone that knows her so well and watch these two writers give dialogue and setting to these two friends that doesn’t come across forced is a godsend.

Villalobos’ art has a distinct feel that makes the characters look more gritty in this arc’s iteration. The characters look a little gruffer but their actions during the fight sequences and intimate moments make the reader forget all that. There are Michael Bay level explosions and fisticuffs this issue which is always welcome. There was a true buddy cop film (as noted by Bishop) for this team up as and there’s more where that came from since we end on a cliffhanger.

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Thompson and Rivera are a good match together. We got a new story, new direction, and a thread tying it all together as the answers Chavez is looking for are starting to unwind and more of her past gets unveiled for us readers.

9.3 Fly Wrasslin’ Costumes out of 10

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