Anne-Happy: A Hilarious Anime About The Unluckiest Group of Schoolgirls

It’s time to bring some attention to a show this season simply called “Anne-Happy” or “Unhappy Go Lucky!” which has aired 3 episodes so far. If you can guess from the title of the show and the title of this article, the show is about unlucky high school girls. It’s a comedy anime in a school setting which isn’t anything new but the characters and their “misfortunes” are a few things that separate this show from some other ones.

Anne-Happy is set in an elite high school called Tennogofune Academy which is known for it’s arts, sports, and other highly regarded academic endeavors. Classes 1-1 to 1-6 specialize in certain subjects but there’s another class, Class 1-7, which isn’t so lucky. Class 1-7 specializes in getting students to achieve happiness and overcome their misfortune no matter how unlucky it may be. Our main heroines find themselves in this class and it provides the main setting for the shenanigans that ensue.

Let’s talk about our main characters who we know are the main characters because most of the class doesn’t even get the luxury of having a face, how convenient. First up we have the girl who is basically the “Main” main character, Ruri Hibarigaoka. Who we first see trying to figure out the best way to get to school while still getting to say, “Hi”, to person she loves. On her way to school she hears a dog and goes to check it out. This leads to the introduction of our 2nd and titular main character Anne Hanakoizumi, who’s happily dangling off a bridge while holding the aforementioned dog.

After the dog attacks Anne, it jumps up to Ruri and Anne almost drowns. They head to school where they meet the 3rd main character Botan Kumegawa, who gets injured extremely easily (as in someone shaking her hand and her fingers break)and also has an extremely negative attitude sometimes, plus her name is Botan which already makes her great. The next and last main character that I can talk about for now is Hibiki Hagyū, who has a terrible sense of direction and can go from constantly running into walls to just going the exact opposite way of where she should be heading.

There’s another character named Ren who can also be considered a main character but since her misfortune hasn’t been mentioned in the anime yet there’s not much to say about her. Oh, I never told you what Ruri’s misfortune is. Well, remember when I said she was going to say, “Hi”, to the person she loves, well it turns out the person she loves is a construction sign. She even keeps a picture of it…or rather him, in her wallet.

“Notice Me Construction Sign-Kun”

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Let’s have a quick rundown shall we. Ruri’s misfortune is an unfortunate romantic interest. Anne is literally the most unlucky girl in the school and gets attacked by basically all animals even though she loves them and tries to pet all of them. Botan gets injured from even the slightest touch or anything really and Hibiki gets lost faster than Zoro from One Piece. All of these characters together are hilarious and I have legitimately laughed during the first 3 episodes and considering this is still the set up before they’re all going to presumably become best buds I’m looking forward to more episodes. The way the first 3 main characters start to bond and look out for each other is super cute and made my heart grow 3 sizes(sadly after watching half of “Dirty Grandpa” it reverted back to its normal size).

Their attitudes despite their misfortunes are surprisingly inspiring especially Anne who is the unluckiest girl and is constantly being bitten by animals but continues to be happy go lucky and carefree. Looks like the title “Unhappy Go Lucky!” came full circle. The teacher is also great and can go from super nice to “ready to shoot you with an actual gun if you don’t shut up” in less than a second.

If you haven’t heard of this show, well now you have and you can hop on the train while it’s still revving up. Do trains rev up? It doesn’t matter. You can watch it on crunchyroll or anywhere else an extremely aggressive cat directs you to. Good luck and make sure you don’t try to save an animal from falling off a bridge unless you have your floaties.

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