Announcing: The Black Nerd Problems Book Chat

As part of our ongoing mission to share the best, most entertaining and thought provoking Black Speculative Fiction, the BNP staff has gotten it into our heads to start an occasional Twitter book chat for busy people!
Let’s break that down:

[icon_check]Best/most entertaining/thought provoking: We’ll be reading and discussing the science fiction and fantasy stories that make us happy or powerful or just want to jump up and call someone and say — READ THIS. While we’re picking our favorites to start, we’ll of course be open to suggestions as we get this rolling.

[icon_check]Black Speculative Fiction: written by and for Black readers, we love genre fiction that pushes boundaries and imagines new possibilities. This is Afrofurism, but also Sword and Soul, Steamfunk, and a little magical realism thrown in.

[icon_check]BNP Staff: That’s us. On the site you’re on. Get with it, do I have to explain everything?

[icon_check]Occassional: We’re aiming to read and discuss every couple of months, but we’re not going to hold ourselves to a rigid schedule around here. Because we’re…

[icon_check]Busy people: We are. You are. We love to read, but don’t always finish a book in time to keep up with a monthly club. This will give us all a little more time, so reading is self-care, not a deadline stress. We’ll also focus on shorter works, novellas, novellettes, novellinas, long short stories, short novels, whatever. We’ll hold the chats on Saturdays in the afternoon for about an hour — long enough to get some good q/a going, but not so long that the kids will be finished with two Power Rangers episodes and be raiding the fridge.

[icon_check]Twitter: That magical technological advancement (and home of Trolls) that allows us to all chat and argue and meme across timezones and space. We’ll use #BNPLit for the hashtag, from the @BlkNrdProblems Twitter handle, so if you want to join in, make sure you’re following along there and using that hashtag.

Now’s the time to announce the first story!

“Chesirah” by L.D. Lewis

Kermit Flail
That’s the only happy meme you ever need.
“Chesirah” is about an entity and her struggle for freedom. There’s fire, and ash, and liberation, and in the end just enough mystery to leave you wanting more.

“Chesirah” is published in Issue #1 of Fiyah Literary Magazine, so to facilitate this whole thing, we’ve gotten a discount code if you haven’t already bought it. BTW, if you haven’t already bought and read Fiyah Lit Mag #1 then you’re doing yourself a disservice, and we’re doing you a favor with this discount code.

How do you buy the issue with the discount code?

Take yourself to and navigate to the shop. Click Issue One: Rebirth. When checking out, enter the discount code bnpfiyah75, which will give you Issue #1 for $3.24.

But there’s more! The ever talented L.D. will be joining us for the chat!
Kermit Double Flail

Yeah, we’re excited. Excited to share great stories. Excited to chill with our Twitter acquaintances. Excited to do something new.


Hope you’ll join us. It’ll be, well, #BNPLit.

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