Banshee: Snakes And Whatnot

This episode started off straight goon squad. We see Proctor getting his biz back in order as he reaches out to an Ohio connect that he can stop supplying the meat market in Banshee. He got his swagger back so things can go back to normal. Homie’s son spoke out of line one too many times for Rebecca and she swung the mini choppa out and deaded dude’s legs. Proctor and his mans Clay Burton had to follow suit. When it was all said and done Proctor told Rebecca, “Yoooooo you wylin right now. finish what you started and dead this dude. We gotta be out… I still got warrants.”.

We cut to Hood’s Mo money, No Problems team (they don’t have a team name sooo) as there were scoping out the facility of the military base for weaknesses. Earlier in the episode we saw Anastasia break it off with the general that happens to be the mark. Hood asked her if she was good with that, and as we see her down in the trenches it’s safe to say she ready to run the jewels. They are in an old tunnel that leads to the facility and discover a 12ft steel wall cutting them off. This is only further reaffirming this job is going to be tough because these marines/ mercs done fortified their bases.

Job: Of course theres a steel door. FUCKING OF COUUUUUURSE!!
Job: Of course theres a steel door. FUCKING OF COUUUUUURSE!!

The double life leads hood away as a call comes in to report to Proctors place. Chayton Littlestone set in motion his squad to kidnap Proctor and Rebecca. A plan he told Nola Longshadow (Gawd Back) about..she wasn’t impressed and rightuflly so cause thaaaaaat didn’t go so well as the Clay Burton the man of 1,000 bow ties was there to shade on the wood be kidnappers parade.

Hood arrives on the scene telling Proctor that he and Chayton can go at it all the way but they going need to hurry up and not interrupt his me time. now we know Hood don’t fuck with any parts of going by the book. That was stamped into our heads as we watch Hood ask the new guy Billy Raven to take him up to the reservations. Hood ain’t got no authorization there and no chill either. He out there decking folk and Billy like, “sheeeeeeeeeeit”. We then meet the law of the reservation…

Aimee leads Hood to the police chief (Yaz) of the reservation who ain’t getting involved in shit off the res for shit cause fuck that shit. My man was not about any parts of that life. He dogs Billy out as well and ain’t given up shit on Chayton’s whereabouts either. He tall types of no chill on tap so Hood gives him that…”You know you a dick head, right” smile and bounces. The other developments this episode dealt with Gordon not wanting to go after Proctor cause he was tired of losing (you soft for that one), hitting on his partner Alison who wasn’t having that, then finally getting his shit together. Proctor’s moms is bitting the dust as well so he straight up rolls her out his dad’s house and into a hospital to find out pancreatic cancer giving her only a month to live. Kai movies his mom in with him…even tho…his…crib..just….got…attacked by a gang but…..yeah.

The episode ends with Deva trying to get to know Hood and him trying to explain that Gordon is her dad and she should be with him. She runs out and he kicking himself. Hood hears another knock at the door and opens it to find a the glock in his face. It was a good episode and a good amount of action. We are seeing the pace getting running for this showdown between Chayton and Proctor. We got to see more of Billy Raven’s background when he went back to the reservation. We can expect more conflict between him having to uphold the law against his own people. Billy seems like the one watch for growth this season but I could be speaking too soon since there is another guy trying to be a deputy… with mad racist tats all over him. He apparently left that life behind and is trying to get the tattoos removed. Hood tells him the position is filled but he plans on being back.

Shit is getting hot up in Banshee yall.


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