Black Science #32 Review

Writer: Rick Remender / Artist: Matteo Scalera / Image Comics

Maaaaan, listen. Let me hip you to some shit right quick. Black. Science. Still. Puttin’. Numbers. On. The. Board. How they have banging ass comics for thirty plus issues and hit us with that crazy, but definitely always there, turn, I have no idea. So good, fam. So good. But even with that twist, let’s talk about the role reversals that saw Pia become the woman with the plan. Out of everything that has transpired, I think Pia’s multiple roles and come ups have been my favorite. Remender has done a great job of making her her father’s daughter, and yet not.

As always, the action is top notch in this book too. Everything is kinetic and always moving forward. Everyone gets a chance to flex in this one, the Dimensionauts, the McKay brothers, ayebody. This is of course, where Scalera excels. The tension ratchets up with every desperate escape or assault by our heroes.

Sorry, we gotta go back to the narrative again. I’m a sucker for a smartly structured plot reveal where the revelations was in plain sight the whole time. It puts the whole book in a completely different light without anything gimmicky or cheap. This is the “The Cake is a Lie” moment we didn’t know we needed. It’s Scalera and Remender’s world yo, we just visiting.

A great resolution of one plot brings about some shit we just weren’t ready for in the next one. Excitement for how this book progresses is at an all time high, which is ridiculous for how great this book has been throughout its run.

9.3 Game Changing Confessions out of 10

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