‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ Trailer Reveals Black Vampires and Dope Action

'Let Them Eat Cake Turns to Let Them Drink Blood.'

That new Castlevania trailer dropped, and it’s back with a vengeance! Did you see it though? Did you see the brilliance? Did you see the rare as hell Indigenous vampire? Did you see the Black vampire and Black vampire hunter? If you did see all of that and lost your mind, then maybe you saw the Castlevania: Nocturne trailer. Let’s get into it real quick.

Zahn McClarnon delivers ominous vibes with just two lines.

First of all, the Belmonts is byke, and the hype is high! The teaser trailer comes off the heat of the announcement from a year ago where we just saw the back of a young man rocking the Belmont family crest. Of course, we assumed it was the fourth-season Castlevania protagonist and smooth criminal lean enthusiast Trevor Belmont. Only to see the iconic blue jacket, hear the name “Richter!” yelled, and see the young Belmont glance over his shoulder.

Nocturne Announcement
The teaser announcement, from a year ago! They kept us waiting!

That was a whole year ago! Now…Netflix unveils this gem of an anime, and it takes place nine generations after Trevor in the time of the French Revolution! ‘Let them eat cake’ turns in to ‘let them drink blood’. It opens with a fight scene between an unknown vampire voiced by Lakota actor Zahn McClarnon and a badass woman rocking the ‘vampire killer’ whip and that blue jacket. She gets bodied in front of young Richtor, and the vampire hits him with the Kill Bill-type beat like, ‘Come see me later so I can kill you.’

Between scenes showing the decadence of the French Revolution, we get a preview of the cast of characters. A Marie Antoinette-looking vampire giving Carmilla vibes (big bad from season 4) catching bodies in the alleyways. Some Victorian-era parties with vamps drinking Moet. A prophecy said to bring the night forever.

Castlevania Nocturne
Black folks in a medieval vampire epic? That’s a win.

AND THEN, a young brown-skinned person using magic along the river’s edge. Another magic user with pale skin and light hair. Then it goes all Drowning Pool on us as we see the bodies hit the floor! A Black vampire with the swag and hair texture that could only be from the Carribean throwing hands with the young Black hunter. For clarity, Thuso Mbedu from The Woman King plays Annette who is, “A young girl who used her power and wits to escape vampire-enforced enslavement in the Caribbean, and now wields magic to stop the impending apocalyptic threat.” We winning in these Castlevania streets!

More magic as the young pale girl summons a lion made out of light and dices a vampire. More death-dealing than the eye can catch only to close with the potential prophecy come true, an eclipse with the haunting “Lamento della Ninfa” playing behind it. This trailer is a movie unto itself, catch it, and enjoy the trailer here. Casual diversity, dope action sequences, and about forty years worth of lore make this a must-see. Hyped for this one.

Cover image via YouTube

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