This month of Halloween is a different one. With the pandemic raging around us, creatives take to online spaces to express their love and devotion to all things scary, creepy, and gorey to celebrate their love for the best month of the year. Twitter can be both a blessing and a curse, and with the landscape in the states the way that it is, every scroll is like rolling the dice of what new real horrors you will be faced with. Luckily, we have respite with cosplayers and creatives harnessing the power of makeup, latex, and body paint to transform into the gouly-est of ghouls and the most frightening of freaks.

One such artist I continue to come across on my feed is Sachi, also known as Chibith0t. With her stylish outfits and creative photos, she has definitely gained popularity among fellow cosplayers and nerd enthusiasts. I love her angelic/cyberpunk looks! She looks like she could easily be a part of the next John Wick movie. I was lucky enough to be granted an interview with her, so please enjoy!

BNP: Please tell us about yourself! What’s your origin story and how has your Hero’s Journey been so far?

Chibith0t: Heyy heyy! My name is Sachi aka Chibith0t. It’s always so weird introducing myself then introducing myself as my handle haha. I also go by Chibi for short. I’m from Brooklyn, New York. By day I am a showroom manager and by night I’m a cosplaying, streaming, red bull chugging gremlin. I started cosplaying back in 2014 and coming from a fashion background, it was a nice outlet for me to express my two sides of loving fashion–styling as well as anime and video games. I’ve been streaming on and off for about 2 years and was made Twitch affiliate this year, so it’s been super fun building my twitch content and audience as well. 

So far, my story has only been getting better with so many new people in this blossoming Black cosplayer community and also the Black nerd space in general. It has been such a fun ride meeting new people and growing with others. 

BNP: How would you describe your cosplay style? How do you create? Do you have any special plans coming up for this month of Halloween?

Chibith0t: I focus on cosplaying characters that I really admire, personality and design wise. I tend to go for more anime and video game characters vs. comics as I’m more familiar with those characters. I like to be able to bring out the personality of the character with my cosplay as I think that is the fun part. When it comes to the actual creative process, I usually decide how much of the look I will have to make vs. how much I may have to style and customize (I can’t sew yet! haha). The most fun part for me is styling the look and putting all the pieces together to create the whole story. I’ve been freelance fashion styling for years now, and it’s the most fun when I get to use those skills in my cosplay. I also like to do casual/closet cosplays and reimagine the character in specific themed outfits, such as the cyberpunk closet cosplay series I started with Rem and Ryuko. 

For Halloween, I am actually just going to be taking it easy. With COVID-19 this year, my schedule has been so thrown out of whack, but I will be crafting and streaming watch parties with my community!

Photo Credit: Bria Celest, Celestimages:

BNP: Who or what inspires you?

Chibith0t: Black people in nerd spaces inspire me. I think seeing people that look like me at the developers table, the artist table, the esports table, the voice actor/talent/host, whatever it may be, inspires me. It’s always inspiring seeing that that is possible and happening because society likes to make it seem like Black people in those spaces are taboo or rare. Whenever I get messages like “Thank you so much for posting your cosplay! I never thought I could cosplay this character, because I’m Black.” I always instantly know that what I’m doing is important and that inspires me to continue. I started cosplaying by seeing people like Sami Bess, Kay Bear, and Cutiepie Sensei posting their work. Seeing girls that looked like me creating such awesome art inspired me to try myself so seeing that come full circle is the most fulfilling. 

BNP: If you could be the hero in any Halloween or scary film, which one would it be and why?  

Chibith0t: I would LOVE to have been in any Halloweentown movie. As a 90s baby, that series was such a huge chunk of my spooky childhood. I’m actually a wuss when it comes to really scary movies, so it was nice growing up finding one that I liked haha. I would definitely choose Halloweentown High and help the gang save the mixture of schools between worlds!

Cover Photography Credit:  Sailor Saturn Shot by Christopher Levy, TopherBLev Photography:

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