Cinnabunny: The Embodiment of Compassion and Unstoppable Talent

Let me tell you guys about a cool as beans cosplayer named Cinnabunny. This woman emanates the very essence of compassion and vitality that is found in the spirit of the cosplay community. She is optimistic, thoughtful, and very friendly! Have you seen her Beatrix cosplay from Final Fantasy IX? YES. OMG. THANK YOU. I had the opportunity to interview her before, and she had amazing answers to my questions. I hope you enjoy this interview of her as much as I did (and do)!

Black Nerd Problems: If you were a Summoner in any Final Fantasy game, who would be your favorite/best friend, Aeon, GF, Summon, etc?

Cinnabunny: AHHHH this is so hard. I’d have to say Ultima, the High Seraph from FF12. She has such an awesome design—golden wings, that huge cannon for feet, and she’s so powerful with that Redemption spell. If I’m going to spend all my MP summoning her, it’d better be someone super badass.

BNP: Tell us a bit about yourself please!

Cinnabunny: Let’s see….I am quite socially awkward. I find other people just as fascinating as they seem to find me….I don’t get enough sleep because I’m either thinking about what to record for my next album or how many millimeters of wood filler I need to pack between the magnets of Nariko’s sword to still maintain a strong attraction yet not rip through the wood. I am also the only person I know who loves black jellybeans lol.

BNP: What does the art of cosplay mean to you?

Cinnabunny: The bringing of fantasy to reality—taking something from the digital space, pen and ink, to meat space, using yourself as the conduit. That in itself has kind of a fantasy element to it haha. But what’s SUPER awesome about it, is just learning so much about yourself as you’re conceptualizing the interpretation of a character, and how many different skills you pick up as you fabricate this interpretation. Another vital aspect of cosplay is the community—a thriving community of geeky artisans. It’s one thing to find that small handful of people passionate about the same subculture as you. But when they’re also interested in the gathering and sharing of knowledge and skill sets in order to build and become our favorite characters, it’s suddenly ten times more awesome. Because you’re not only celebrating the fact that you like the same things, but you’re all working together, helping to bring them to life, like a big team.

BNP: If your cosplays could speak, how would they describe you?

Cinnabunny: Haha, they’d probably be SCREAMING for me to snip all their loose threads and over lock their seams, and I swear the bias tape on everything I’ve used it on would be in an uproar over the way I’ve positively manhandled it every time haha. Don’t get me started on the stretch PVC either lol. At least, that’s what they all seem to say to me when I look at them hahaha. I’m a terrible sewer, I just hide it really well lol.

BNP: What two fictional characters would you want to see duke it out?

Cinnabunny: Okay, has Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat happened yet? Because I’ve seriously been waiting for that one since I was 14. Liu Kang and Ryu, Chun Li and Kitana, Guile and Johnny Cage, Cammy and Sonya, so many epic matchups are way overdue!!!

BNP: What color describes you and why?

Cinnabunny: Hmmmm. My favorite color is red, and I’ve always been drawn to the color red. I guess because it speaks of warmth and life, and whether I have those attributes or not is up to how I am perceived by others, but it is definitely what I aspire to.

BNP: What are your goals for the future?

Cinnabunny: To be the best wife and mother I can, and help to foster a loving, exciting childhood for my kids. That’s my number one goal. Number two would be to perform music at conventions with different groups of geeky musician pals I’ve made over the years, a goal which I am happy to say is happening in small ways, here and there. But it’s enough, really, more than enough.

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Aurum Cosplay

Isidro Urena

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