Civil War II: X-Men #1 Review

Writer: Cullen Bunn / Artist: Andrea Broccardo / Mavel Comics

It’s large event time over at Marvel, which means it’s spin-off till you drop time as well. As always the case, you will get your surprising spin-offs that work well to supplement the main story or you’ll get some filler. Sadly, this feels a lot more like filler. The terrigen mist, the god vapors of the Inhmumans, spreads throughout the world, creating new Inhumans every day. Sadly, this also sterilizes and inhibits mutants. The conflict from the onset of this book is how the X-Men deal with the Inhumans and the mist itself, so you can imagine some pretty differing views on that.


What you can also imagine is what sides each important X-Men characters take as well. Which is mostly the problem — there’s nothing really new or unique here. X-Men fight threats and sentinels; X-Men split down familiar lines over specific conflict; Magneto and his team think they are at war with the Inhumans over the implications of their mist and rebirth; Storm wants to find a way to ally themselves. The premise itself is interesting, the execution feels pretty paint by numbers.


Broccardo’s art is in a similar vein. The style is very familiar for both her iterations and how we typically see the X-Men, but nothing particularly stands out to spotlight.

All in all, this feels like a mini-series to find a way to incorporate the X-Men into the overall conflict, similar to the previous Civil War event. With 4 issues promised, we’ll see if this gets more interesting or continues to tread heavily walked ground.

6.2 Fanatical Sentinels out of 10

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