writer: Frank Tieri / artist: Vicente Cifuentes / DC Comics

I have to admit, the Convergence titles that launched this week have been pretty strong, which honestly surprises me. Regardless of it’s returning to certain timelines or stories, the books have mostly been interesting, engaging, and captured the feel of pre-Flashpoint DC. Most of that deals with characters that have been pushed to the background or marginalized since the New 52 began making re-appearances in this Convergence event, and for old schoolers, that’s been very welcome. Convergence Justice League plays into that somewhat while also doing some unique things. Even though this is the official Justice League book of the event, the characters are exclusively women, with Jade, Supergirl, Zatanna, Vixen and Mera taking center stage. Like all the other Convergence books, most of the plot deals with the heroes living as civilians (for the most part) because their powers are gone, but also being faced with the prospect of the dome being lifted and something much more grievous over the horizon.

The issue is unapologetically woman-centric, from the conversations to the revelations, and it’s a good sight to see. The art is well done and does well to capture the personalities of the characters, many of which we haven’t seen much of recently. The story itself is pretty standard fare and includes Arthur from the Flashpoint timeline (who if you remember doesn’t have a Mera of his own because Wonder Woman gave her a permanent vacation).

A fun jump back in with these characters who I hope will be used frequently throughout Convergence. The story on it’s own is a little flimsy, but the characters are done well, and for a book like this, that’s the most important thing to get right.


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