Dead of Winter #3 Review

Writer: Kyle Starks / Artist: GABO / Letterer: CRANK / OniPress Comics

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this book is that there’s a loveable yet badass dog doing his thing during the zombie apocalypse. That’s what drew me in. Look fam, dogs make almost everything better. And I do like my apocalypse stories. What has hooked me and kept me reading is how hilarious writer Kyle Starks is and how he’s added a layer of that humor in this bleak world that artist GABO aka Gabriel Baustisa has illustrated.

After escaping the hell that the police station became, our survivors are reunited with good ol’ Sparky on the way out. It’s not all a joyful reunion because they’re leaving our “Legal Eagle” Annaleigh behind because of an unfortunate chomp from the undead, yet they gain one Mall Santa by the name of Forrest who they all knew previously. Totally not a great trade here to be honest. Yet he proves to be useful when he brings them to his home…


I have to say that I love the look of the undead here. While they are all in varying stages of decay there are some with boils and ugh, G-R-O-S-S. Nothing too graphic thankfully! (Although I realize that can totally change and if it does I’ll be just squeamish and deal). Story wise there are some scenes of folks reflecting on what happened last issue which makes way for some vulnerability, which is a good break from the laughs and absurdity. I’d be remiss to not mention the lettering job: There are some stand out scenes. Many of them when a certain person comes along to stalk our group and serves as a catalyst for all the mayhem that happens. An explosion and some desperate melee actions are tied for first place of my favorites this issue.

I keep reading and hearing that the whole zombie thing is over-used, overdone and tired. I won’t debate that however Dead of Winter takes all the familiar tropes from our favorite tales and sets them up for a superb Super Kick. Taking shelter in a mall? Come on, fam. Read this issue and tell me you weren’t amused. You’re lying to yourself. If nothing else this book is consistent. I still have the same level of hype that I had when waiting to read the first issue. Also, when I heard about this issue, I was already sold on the dog taking out zombies with a samurai sword.

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