Deadpool #2 Review

Writer: Skottie Young / Artist: Nic Klein / Marvel Comics

Quips and Dips

Deadpool #2 is coming at you with the classic DP comedy. One thing this series seems to do well is forming that top-notch humor. I have giggled at this issue more than any other recently released DP comic and that warmed my heart. Didn’t know if that had anything to do with my seemingly conventional humor, but I was always excited to turn the page. Skottie was able to catch the classic Deadpool face palms without having to sacrifice his quickness. I loved the incorporation of these Marvel characters. I caught myself saying “Him too? They there too? SQQQUUUAAAAAAAD!” Never underestimate the power of witty heroes and the slap-face humor of our Wade Wilson. If I ever need a quick giggle, I’ll be sure to boomerang my way to this.

Deadpool #2

What I hope to see in future issues is a bit more depth? We all love and feel this pull to Mr. Pool, but it feels like there is something missing? I enjoy this comic so much, I read it while eating to enhance the experience and everything. We can have all of the “Breaking of The Fourth Wall”, quick jabs, flabbergasting insults but still miss the point. What does he want/need? If it is there, I feel like it was not heightened or given enough luster for me to connect. Does he want attention? Better jobs? Once this becomes centered more, the quality will improve.

Artist Cans and Fans

Nic Klein’s artistry made me laugh almost as much as the writing. The playfulness enhanced the classic DP rule breaking and I was down for it. The bright colors and slightly disassociating (yet interesting) sound effects made me do that Nick Young confusion face, but I swear for good reasons alone.

There were innuendos in the background I didn’t even catch until a second read. When I noticed, I was happy with the color choice. It felt like re-watching old cartoons when you were a kid and finally catching onto the sexual puns that your family laughed at but didn’t understand. The difference is that these jokes are extremely blatant and is well hidden in the background or through metaphoric analogies. I believe that the consistency of the style kept making my eyes glide and then do double takes. On one hand, this is great and I feel like it matches the mood of our protagonist. On the other hand, I could see how some might find that annoying and might want certain aspects to stand out more.

This comic will make you ask yourself: “Did I miss something?” I can’t wait to see Skottie and Nic put their foot into the future of this series and properly represent one of my favorite anti-heroes.

8.7 Fractured Katanas out of 10

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