Deadpool #8 Review

Deadpool #8 Review

Writer: Skottie Young / Artist: Nic Klein / MARVEL

Serious Puns

In our holiday issue of Deadpool we got to see Young’s dark Christmas prevail in the panels. Now we get to see the perfect puns rise from the snow, and honestly, I love puns so I’m excited as hell. As I reflect upon what I was reading I honestly really enjoyed the cute versus vicious presentation within characters. It seems as if this arc will focus on this theme because it was prevalent in the Christmas issue with the children. Young is taking the idealistic features of innocence and plastering it against the grit of Wade Wilson. It allows the two extremes to co-exist and see how they relate to one another.

Deadpool #8 Review

I don’t know if you’ve seen anything so cute it’s creepy (other than Chuckie) but often times the most jarring thing about something cute is what dangers it’s capable of producing. Like cats, very much like cats. One of my favorite moments in Deadpool #8 is seeing Wade in his element and not allowing the cuteness to phase him. If anything I think the fact that he is aware makes the line of darkness much thicker.

Setting Up For The Ride

The artistic choice for making the main setting an amusement park is probably my favorite part about this comic. The fact that Klein is making this as adorable as possible is honestly what’s killing me the most. The art managed to make Deadpool #8 the most “Rated E” looking Rated M comic I’ve seen in a really long time. The simplicity and the brightness in colors even mid attack is what brings me joy. Even when Deadpool is shrouded in darkness, he pops out and doesn’t merge with the darkness which really accentuates theme. Actions being hidden in the darkness but the hint of innocence is essentially “the light”.

Deadpool #8 Review

What Klein seems to do really well in this issue, is allow the metaphor to push forward in the presentation and movement in the characters. The consciousness and moving back and forth between innocence and darkness and allowing them to sandwich each other within the visuals allow the reader to reflect in-between the panels. What essentially makes people villains, is highlighted within Deadpool, but what makes heroes so “lovable” is brought out with what Deadpool kills, but it is also a part of him.

Guns n Piglets

With Deadpool being the anti-hero that he is, this issue honestly made me hype. By like page five I internally shouted “DEATH TO CUTE THINGS”. And honestly, if there was anything that I think deserves to be tainted is the idea that cuteness cannot live within the same paradigm of destruction. The Young-Klein team helped me understand Deadpool even more as a being who is consistently at battle with his own titles. I’m extremely excited for what this will bring to future issues.

9.3 Huggable Chuckie Dolls out of 10

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