Decorum #6 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman / Artist: Mike Huddleston / Image

Decorum is currently my benchmark for what comics are capable of doing. Because every single issue manages to be incredibly dense and full of visual and textual exposition, and every issue I’m glue to page. I am constantly in awe at the incredibly diverse and stunning work that Huddleston is able to craft on every page, and I am equally confounded by what the hell Hickman is telling Huddleston to even begin to manifest such wonderfully iconic images of science fiction.

While Decorum is about a perfectly mannered assassin, the sheer scope of the galactic conflict that provides the backdrop for the weirdest coming of age story in recent is absolutely enthralling. And the moment when the grand myth arc intersects with the character driven focus arcs of Imogen and Neha is truly one of the coolest things in comics and all of that just happens in the first chapter. There are two more in this issue where a variety of other incredibly cool things happen that you should experience first-hand.

This issue has Hickman at his finest, writing clinical and detached characters, who are merely stating inscrutable truths about the end of the world as plainly as one would observable the weather, before switching up his cadence entirely to more affable and personable banter of a mentor and mentee. Huddleston utilizes several different styles and color schemes and easily convinces us that these disparate worlds and cultures all exist under in the same universe, and that there is a balance; a push and pull to reality. Wooton’s lettering is flawless, something that can go unnoticed, but even the dialog bubbles are unparalleled in Decorum. And Head’s design work is evident and appreciated.

Decorum is a consistently strong series that does so many cool things. This is a story that constantly draws me back to it each and every month, because there’s always a new wrinkle in the fabric that makes it that much more dynamic. There’s always a new way that the creative team manages to make me drop my jaw. Imogen and Neha are great leads, and I continue to be excited to follow them across the universe.

9.6 “Eggs” out of 10

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