Don’t Be Too Cautious, “Warning Label” is Worth the Risk

Imagine how hard dating would be if every potential beau or bae was handed a list of all of our most glaring flaws. Hate puppies? Spend your weekends trolling away in YouTube comments? Care way too much about The Bachelor? Good luck finding “The One” because all of that is on front street from day 1.

That’s the premise of Thomas F. Zahler’s “Warning Label,” a weekly webcomic on Webtoons.

“Warning Label” tells the story of a burgeoning love affair between Jeff, a recently divorced, who’s obsessed with bad movies, and Danielle, a game designer who was cursed by an ex-boyfriend — because that’s a perfectly normal thing…?

It’s no secret. I’m a deeply romantic sap who regularly watches and updates a “Gimme All the Feels” playlist on YouTube. Reading a new issue of “Warning Label” every week gives me the same feeling I attach to all of them.

Due to its unique premise, each week’s issue offers a glimpse into the reality of dating. We get to see Danielle and Jeff have charming exchanges that could make the most cold-hearted of us believe in love. But, on the other hand, we also get to watch them both be incredibly selfish jerks from time-to-time to reveal the uglier moments people all experience but would rather not talk about. No unrealistic depictions of love here, folks!

Outside of the story’s originality and witty dialogue, Zahler’s clearly made it a mission to build up the one thing I personally feel is essential to every quality universe — a strong supporting cast.

Far too often, secondary characters are only used as a sounding board for everyone else. There’s no real investment in developing their stories to make the primary one that much better. So far, “Warning Label” has given us a team of charismatic characters in Dani’s co-workers — especially Coral — and Jeff’s friends and family. It absolutely helps that they represent different communities and aspects of life — this is definitely an inclusive comic.

As of this writing, “Warning Label” is more than 20 issues in. For my fellow bingers, enjoy. For my week-to-week family, look forward to reading a series that comes out consistently every Thursday for a quality five-minute read. It’s a great excuse to stay in bed just a little bit longer. Check it out here or read it on the WEBTOON app.

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