Final Space: Best Under-Hyped Thing to Come out of ComicCon 2017

Listen. Here’s the voice cast:
Fred Armisen creator of Portlandia
Tom Kenny the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants
David Tennant of Doctor Who
Gina Torres of I don’t even care but I love her
Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead
John DiMaggio of Adventure Time
Caleb McLaughlin of Stranger Things
Keith David of Sweet Baby Bast everything…

I’ve got your attention now, don’t I? That’s the voice cast of the upcoming animated Space Opera, Final Space. What channel is this show going to be on, you ask? Final Space is coming from the same people who brought us Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and American Dad! — Yes, that’s TBS. Believe me, I’m as surprised as you are. But catch the teaser trailer from ComicCon:

Adult animation is big business and it looks like TBS is growing its piece of it, with at least 5 new animated shows announced for next year. With Final Space, the network has gone full indie, with a unique art style, and a seldom used niche — Funny Space Epic. Now comedy and space opera rarely go together because it is a hard tone to get right. It is all about balance and timing. Ordinarily I’d be skeptical, but then I look at that list of actors again and I go directly from skeptical to interested. Then I watched the original 7-minute pilot and I went from interested to excited.

There’s so much announced at San Diego ComicCon it is easy to miss these smaller shows. But big noise or not, this one is worth looking out for. It has promising actors and a one-of-a-kind premise. If you like Archer, this might be your next favorite.

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