Writer:Sean Mackiewicz / Artist: Niko Walter / Image Comics

I love it when a plan comes together, and Gasolina has been on the slow burn campaign trail since day one. Issue #4 keeps the simmer going while adding a couple more pots and pans to the mix. Analogies aside (or on the back burner, so to speak) the clarity and simplicity of the storytelling in this most recent issue make issue #3 look muddled as all hell in retrospect.

The horror/crime/action/dramedy has the ability to be too damn much to sift through sometimes. Especially in a book packed with hella questions and very few (to flat-out no) answers. However, in Gasolina #4 we see some of the loose ends start to tie together. This kind of narrative cohesion shines light on the true potential of Sean Mackiewicz’s world-building abilities. Rest assured, shit comes together nicely.

On top of it all, there is a real gift given to readers to find a book absolutely devoid of stereotypes, set in a Latin-speaking country, with original storytelling, and the gall to write a story with a bunch of slowly moving pieces. Just putting that out there.

Without spoiling the good parts of the book, all of the characters’ intentions and driving forces are brought to the forefront in issue #4. It’s a good, slow burn of a book and story arc. But I’ve got to say, it reaches a point where all of its tension is at max capacity. If readers are not rewarded with a payoff for staying with Mackiewicz and Walter’s journey through to here, there may be hell to pay. No pressure, but issue #5 has got to deliver on what the first four have put forth.

Niko Walter’s dense black lines keep the grit and grime art style on deck while belying some sharp juxtapositions between tough people with soft sides making hard decisions.

Something I adore about this book is the fan letter page in the back!

Mackiewicz and Walter make no bones about this book is in progress. The letter page goes hard in the paint, and the Author/Artist responses are even-tempered and often lead to changes in the book that I’ve enjoyed.

If you’re into seeing how the pieces fit together to unlock the first Gasolina TPB, you’re in for a treat.

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