Gideon Falls #18 Review

Gideon Falls #18 Cover

Writer: Jeff Lemire / Artist: Andrea Sorrentino / Image Comics

We’re in part 2 of 5 of the “Pentoculus Arc” of Gideon Falls, and it’s crystal clear that Lemire and Sorrentino have decided that they’re going to continue one-uping themselves in increasingly dramatic fashions. It’s not like they haven’t continually escalated from the story’s beginnings, but the “Pentoculus Arc” feels both like it be could the end of the series proper or the jumping off point of even more incredulous dimensional horror. And regardless, we’re getting a thrilling narrative and mind-bending art every page, so you’ll have no complaints from me either way. The work is absolutely stellar and demonstrates how much the series has evolved since its first issue.

The dual narratives of Gideon Falls proceed in equal measure where Norton Sinclair sorry, I mean Danny Sutton is continuing his reunion with his separated family and the fact that his real father has killed someone after seeing the Smiling Man. Meanwhile Father Fred and Wendy are continuing their conversation with the good Bishop about the parallel realities of Gideon Falls and the weird theological implications of the monstrosities of the Black Barn.

Lemire presents a very cerebral plot that centers the pathos of the characters on their respective traumas and desire to overcome them. Each of the characters has seen increasingly terrible things and want to protect their friends and family from such blatant evil, and this singular drive to solve this unsolvable problem is admirable and optimistic in the grim realities of Gideon Falls. You couple that high level of writing with Sorrentino’s elaborate artwork and awe-inducing two-page spreads, and then layer on Stewart’s colors and suddenly you have a piece of literary work that is exceedingly stressful as well as immensely satisfying.

Gideon Falls #18 follows up a very strong issue perfectly. The intrigue and intensity increase every page, and I’m more invested in the outcome of this story that any other series currently on the shelves at the moment.

10 “Kingdoms” out of 10

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